Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mountwood Mountain Bike Race

Today I came along with Mer and her crew to attend a mountain bike race in Mountwood, West Virginia. Mer, Pete, Joey, Mike, Craig, Aaron, Kaleb and Tim all went to ride, and I went to take some pictures.

The van ride was super fun, because the van is HUGE and there were tons of us inside. We blew a tire on the way, and it made the loudest sound in the world. I thought the entire side of the van came loose and was slamming down onto us for a minute. SO LOUD!

The race was great, the weather was PERFECT. It was sunshiney and beautiful. Kaleb and I hiked pretty far back into the woods to find some good spots for picture taking. I would definitely go back to Mountwood to hike some day! After we got done taking pictures, I got to have a picnic. I love picnics. After the race, we headed back to Athens and then met up at Casa for dinner later. Which was of course, delicious, and I got to have Paw Paw Wheat.

Click here for photos.

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