Thursday, April 28, 2005

I got to MEET Kip and Pedro!

Kip and Pedro (Aaron Ruell and Efren Ramirez) spoke tonight at Memorial Auditorium. This event was postponed from the previous week, when Pedro missed his flight. Mer and I knew there was some sort of "meet and greet" happening at Mem Aud in addition to the event, because Purple Chopstix was catering it. In an attempt to meet Kip and Pedro, we called Purple Chopstix to find out the plan. All we could determine was that "tots were in the oven."

Mer, Pete and I went to Mem Aud to see if there was something fun going on, but all the doors were locked. Figuring everyone was inside eating tots and having a great time, we decided to forget about it and go get some dinner. We had planned to get Pita Pit, but when we got to Court Street, we almost stopped for burritos. Then we considered getting ice cream for dinner. But we stuck to the original plan and headed to Pita Pit. Delicious.

We arrived at Pita Pit and head over to order our pitas and GUESS WHO WAS IN LINE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US?!!! Kip and Pedro!! After all that hunting for them, they were at Pita Pit!! Obviously, they have great taste! Mer took a picture of me with each of them. Fate brought us together! Fate and the PITA PIT!!!

We took our Pitas to Tony's and had a beer, then went to see them speak. It was a cool show. They talked about some behind the scenes stuff, and general things about themselves. Aaron is a photographer ( and showed some of his stuff, which was awesome. Set photos from Napoleon Dynamite! Then there was a Q&A section which was mostly a bunch of morons saying "Will you come to the Junction at midnight and have a Junction Punch with us?" There were some interesting questions, though. The best part was hearing about Aaron's little brother, who the Kip character was partially fashioned after.

After the show, there was a small meet and greet, which I got to attend because I was with the Purple Chopstix people. Kip and Pedro had to leave town pretty fast so it was short and sweet. I got my ticket signed. Then I went for a beer with Nicole and Jennine at Tony's.

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