Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First signs of summer!

So, I've been enjoying spring but eagerly awaiting summer. Recently there have been all these little things that make me feel like summer is right around the corner! Last night, since Pedro missed his flight, Adam and I went over to mom and dad's for dinner. We ate on the deck, and it was the first deck dinner of the summer! We all toasted with cans of Stroh's. Nothing says summer like a cold can of beer.

Then this afternoon, I went out to Summer's to enjoy the sunshine. Her tulips and daffodils were in full bloom and it was sunshiney and hot! It really made it feel like summertime could be here any minute. That's the funny thing about having one of your best friends be named Summer. You find yourself always saying "summertime" in conversation when referring to the season. Otherwise you feel gay going, "GOSH, I sure do love summer! Isn't summer THE BEST?" Not that I don't say those things about the girl, too.

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