Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Felicity Makes Everything Better

Well, tonight I laid around and watched Dawson's Creek and Felicity. What a night! I would've done something active like ride my bike but for some reason my toe is KILLING me today! It feels like I broke it or something! And Dawson and Felicity make everything feel better. Or something.

This past weekend was pretty fun! Friday night I went to an Around The World party with Lauren. Most of the "countries" were already dry when we got there, but it was fun. Then we went to a couple of bars. Saturday night, Summer had a birthday party for J. It was such a beautiful day! Adam and I went out there at five. Summer made chicken pot pie for everyone, and had fruit and veggie trays. It was delicious! We played Caps on the deck for awhile, and just hung out enjoying the nice air.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Looks Like a Turd

April's been going pretty well so far! It's been BEAUTIFUL out these past couple of days. I've been riding my bike almost every day when I get home from work. Last weekend was fun! Julie came into town on Friday, so we went to Tony's for some beers. Saturday night I had a dinner party! I invited my mom and dad, and my sister Mer and her husband Pete. I made George Foreman Quesadillas (my FAVORITE!), Mer brought rice, and I made Chocolate Banana Bread for dessert! And this time, it turned out PERFECTLY. Need proof?:

Mmm! Actually, here it kind of looks like a turd, but trust me it was delicious. MUCH better than last time...

In other exciting news, Adam and I are going to Atlanta in July! That'll be cool! We're going to visit our friends Andy and Sylvia, and our other friends Marc and Julie are also going. Andy and Marc are brothers. Yay! A trip!

Also, I got the confirmation that I get to be an assistant for sure for the Photoshop Workshop this summer! YAY! That is soooooo much fun. I just hope my friend Emma gets to be an assistant too, because that would be the BEST! We're still waiting to hear.