Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve! Ben and I invited Kayla and Derrick over to spend New Year's Eve together! Kayla texted me mid-afternoon and proposed a "comfy pants" type of night and I was like DON'T MIND IF I DO!

We kicked back with some old fashioneds.

And had enormous calzones for dinner!

It's almost as big as Ben's face!

And of course, a pink champagne toast. Cheers to a wonderful 2018!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


It has been really cold lately. When Felix gets home from a walk, he burrows into the blankets on the couch to warm up.

His walks have also been cut super short, out of necessity. It's too cold for his little paws to be out there for long. He entertains himself by coming into the kitchen way more than usual, and sitting there just hoping for treats. Spoiler alert: he usually gets them.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Turkey & Gingerbread

Mom made a turkey breast for dinner tonight, so we got together for a little post-Christmas Thanksgiving-style dinner!

Mer made a beautiful, and delicious, gingerbread cake. We got to eat it while it was still warm!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Last night while we were at Vana and Joe's house, my family gathered to sing Mele Kalikimaka. Dad played guitar, and Uncle Mark played the lap steel. They sound so great!

We gathered at Mom and Dad's house on Christmas morning, with the usual ridiculous pile of presents. We love presents!

Pete, Mer, Kate and Uncle Mark!

Mom got some sweet gardening tools!

Little Kate and I wore the matching unicorn slippers that we got for Christmas last year!

The really really BIG present was an iPad for Kate. She was totally overwhelmed when she opened it and almost cried!!

Pretty serious gift!! Getting it set up was a family affair.

We took a break for breakfast. Fruit!

Eggs to order!

Potato and sausage hash!

Michele gave us some power muffins that she made. We nibbled on them throughout the morning! Thanks, Michele!


Even more exciting than BACON!!!

All together now! With sourdough toast from Athens Bread Company. Mmm.

Back to presents!

Mer, Mom and I picked this shirt out for Pete at Nordstrom Rack. It's totally not his style, but it's SO COOL that we were hoping he would be swayed by it's ultimate awesomeness and want to keep it!

Unfortunately, after thinking about it, he chose to return it. It was worth a shot!! Isn't it awesome, though?

Kate got fancy unicorn nails!

Pete and Ben got matching coffee mugs!

New shirt for Dad!

Carl sent Dad this cool hat from China!!


We took a break after the exhaustive present opening, and reconvened at Mer, Pete and Kate's for dinner. Mer made meatloaf!

She also made the Fairytale of New York cocktail from Smitten Kitchen. This is a recipe I've always wanted to taste, so I'm super glad she made them! They were DELICIOUS.

Wedge salads have officially become a Christmas dinner tradition, since we went bonkers over them last year.

Look at this snowman pepper grinder. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS!!!

Mmm! Meatloaf, mashed potato and greens!

Kate and Ben. NERD ALERT!

Mer made a variety of Christmas cookies. They were all delicious!

It's been a fantastic Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful, magical day.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Xmas Eve

Vana and Joe hosted Christmas Eve at their house. Kayla and Derrick made these delicious açaí bowls, which were a thing they ate often on their recent honeymoon in Hawaii.

They were fruity and delicious!

Cheryl with baby Jasper! Baby's first Christmas eve!!!

There were SO many desserts. The unfortunate thing is that I got too full on dinner to try barely any of these.

Hello, newlyweds!


Uncle Ben and Grandpa Dennis.

Sweet little Jasper!

Joe made some bomb diggity rolls.

Time to eat!

Kristin took her turn snuggling Baby J.

Christmas Eve dinner! The star of the show were these NAUGHTIEST ever potatoes au gratin. There was so much cream, and so much cheese. They were incredible. Everything was delicious! SO FILLING. I didn't even have seconds and I was too full for dessert! (Regrets!)

After dinner, we played Secret Santa. Look at that enticing pile of gifts!

Jon, Kayla, and Derrick!

Whoever was unwrapping had to wear the elf hat.

Kayla had trouble deciding which gift to open.

She got fancy hiking poles!

Ben and I got windchimes and the SOFTEST BLANKET EVER. This blanket quickly became a contender for stealing.

Trying to downplay just how soft it is, so people aren't enticed to steal it.

Kristin and Moss opened a vodka cocktail set!


Vana was tempted to steal the blanket...

But was too tempted by the unwrapped gifts!

She got a scarf and some musk!

Jon's turn!

Jon got a hot toddy kit, with Crown Royal! YUM!

Cheryl stole the hiking poles!

So Kayla stole our softest ever blanket! BETCH!!!

So we stole the hot toddy kit.

There were several more rounds of opening and stealing.

Look at Yang stealing that blanket!


Vana and Joe eventually ended up with the blanket. Everyone ended up with gifts they were happy with! What a fun evening!! Time for bed, Santa's on his way.