Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pizza With Baby

Tonight I grilled pizzas again! This time we invited Mer, Pete and Baby K8. It was our first time having a baby over to dinner! She really liked my new timer:

Baby K8 is eating solids now! For dinner she had some oatmeal and some bananas!

And the adults got to have grilled pizza. YUM!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Key West Christmas

Summer hosted Cooking Club tonight, and the theme was Key West Christmas. It was a menu taken from Cooking Light, and we were all randomly assigned a dish! Summer setting up the table:

Valerie made the Breaded Shrimp with Honey-Mustard Sauce.

Summer had to grill in the rain!

She grilled fish and also seared some sea scallops.

I brought Cauliflower with Capers:

Summer made Grilled Grouper and Grilled Mahi Mahi, and served the scallops with a Ginger Sesame dressing, and Rose made a Fennel Citrus Relish for the fish:

Mmm, fish + cauliflower.

Yumi's Caesar Salad with Chile-Cilantro Dressing:

Suzanne's Pomegranate-Key Lime Vodka Cocktails:

We tasted several different bottles of Gewurztraminers:

Then went swimming! And hot tubbing!

Summer decided to go in in her dress!


You need a buddy for this jump!

It was so fun, she decided to do it again!

Swimming pool!

The sunset was beautiful.

Are we in Hawaii?

Beastie Girls.


Now Summer wants to get in the hot tub with her dress on!

Still setting...

Since it was a Key West Christmas Party, there were PRESENTS!!!!


I got this sparkly sarong that can also be used as a scarf!

Rose got a sun hat!

After presents, it was time for dessert. Nancy made Rum-Macadamia Ice Cream with Grilled Pineapple and Coconut.


Then we went out to the barn for Pictionary. Here I am totally assuming the Pictionary BOSS position, like always:


The winning drawing, "spotted owl." (drawn by me, a member of the WINNING TEAM!)

Team Photos!!!! Losers: