Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Stupid Keys

This past weekend was so fun! Adam was going to Cincinnati to record music with Marc, and I hitched a ride with him, then drove the rest of the way to Dayton to spend the weekend with ANNE! YAY! I make that sound so easy - actually I got lost BOTH ways. Oh well. Anyway Friday when I got to Anne's house we had 15 minutes to get to this bar where there was a surprise party for their friend Ian. So I shoveled in some Chinese food that they had ordered and we took off. We met up with Clark, Michelle, and Dan there. Ian's girlfriend had paid for some kegs at the bar, so we got free pitchers of cold Miller Lite all night. It was delicious. Later on, we went to this bar called Elbo's, for Danceable Solution, a thing that usually happens here in Athens. They just play really cool music, along with showing old movies and stuff on TV screens. We danced a lot. Joe and Schuster showed up. We took a taxi home and it was TWENTY BUCKS! eeek!

The next morning (well, about lunch time) I got to try Chipotle for the first time. Anne and I split one. It was DELICIOUS. We at them in Lincoln Park (I think that's what it was called) it was beautiful. Then Tim, Anne, Clark, Michelle, Joe, Schuster and I went to the Dayton Art Museum to see Linda McCartney's photography exhibit. It was awesome! Then we split up. Anne, Michelle and I went to Riverscape for awhile - it's supposed to be a place where events happen along the river, and Saturday was supposed to be a big art show but there were only like FOUR artists there. It was boring, so we met up with Tim and Clark at Ben & Jerry's. I got Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt in a waffle cone. It was DEEEELICIOUS.

Then we split up AGAIN and Anne and I drove around. I got to see where she works. Michelle, Clark and Tim decided they were going to watch a movie, which Anne and I didn't want to do. We decided to go bowing instead. When we got to the bowling alley though, we discovered that a tournament was in progress so we couldn't bowl. So instead we walked around this little plaza and stared at all the girls' prom dresses (it was prom there and they were all out on their pre-prom dates). It was funny. We went to Starbucks, then Petmart, where I got some presents for Charlie and Emma! Anne's friend Kelly works there, so we visited with her for awhile. Then we went over to the Clark's house. We were all starving so we went to Fuddrucker's. It was DEEELICIOUS. I got an ostrich burger and onion rings. mmm. Then we went to Murray's - Anne's bosses' favorite bar. They have karaoke on Saturday nights, so that was funny. We were all really tired though, so we went back to the Clarks at around 12:30 to catch the end of Saturday night live. Then we went back to Anne and Tim's to go to sleep.

Sunday morning I was all packed and ready to go when I discovered my KEYS WERE MISSING! Yuck. So I called Triple A, and they said to call a locksmith and then bring in the bill and they will reimburse me for part of it. So I got the locksmith. He was really nice. It sucked because it was raining half the time he was trying to break into my car. (Subarus are hard to break into!) I snuck a couple pictures - I'll put them up when I get the roll developed. I feel the need to document my stupidity sometimes. Anyway, the total was $159. Argh!!! Oh well. Then I drove to Cinci and waited for Adam to finish up recording, and we came home. Sigh. It was a fun weekend, except for the locksmith crap. So today I went to AAA to see about the reimbursement, and the lady said that the AAA agent I called at the 800 number SHOULD have sent a mechanic from the nearest AAA garage and then I wouldn't have had to pay anything ever. She was pissed and said she was sorry and that was the second time this month someone at the 800 number has done that. So I don't know if that means I'll get LESS money back, or FULL reimbursement. They should fully reimburse me, since they screwed up, I think. We'll see.

In other news, I've won THREE ebay auctions in the past week, all for vintage magazines. So hopefully, the 40's/50's section of my site will finally be getting some new material! Yay! And tonight I bid on The Little Princess Shirley Temple movie. I couldn't help myself. I have a Shirley Temple craving and it was super cheap. It ends in like 20 minutes so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it. Well I have got to take my contacts out before they dry up right on my eyeballs. Later!

Sunday, May 05, 2002

I saved Dawson, and Adam is the Incredible Hulk

This has been a pretty fast week! I would have to say the highlight of my week was getting to see Spiderman Tuesday evening. Adam and I went to the 6:45 showing at the Athena, which was also exciting because I hadn't seen it since they reopened it. It looked nice! Anyway the movie was AWESOME. I loooooooved it. As soon as we got home I went straight out to the mall to see if they had any Spiderman underoos sets left. They did! They had one left. So I think I'm going to wear my Spiderman shirt to work tomorrow. Yay. You can just call me Spiderkate!

This past weekend I got to see Margaret Cho on Friday night. She was really funny. My friend Jenny came into town from Columbus with her coworker Wendy. Saturday morning we all went to the Farmer's Market. I was wearing my new Rocketdog flipflops which I THOUGHT I loved, until they made me fall down in the middle of the market in front of EVERYBODY! I skinned both knees, both hands, and ended up with bruises. Ow. Today I went by the shoe store on my way home from work and returned them. Whew! Saturday night I made lasagna - meat with zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach. It was delicious!

Tomorrow Adam is going to Cincinnati to do music with Marc, and I'm going to ride up with him, then drive to Dayton to hang out with Anne for the weekend! YAY! Should be a good weekend.

So I've been having some weird dreams recently. Earlier this week I had a dream that I was in a grocery store, and inside the grocery store there was a bowling alley and a pool. In the bowling alley, there were a bunch of mascot-looking things, like squirrels and dogs and stuff (people dressed up like animals). Then all of a sudden Dawson from Dawson's Creek was drowning in the pool!!! Along with a couple of other people, I started life-saving procedures on him. These weren't CPR though. We cut him open, and inside his body I found a bunch of dinner plates! These are the exact same dinner plates that *i* have - white glass with navy blue flowers around the edges. I had to get them out of him in order to save his life. It was gross. I was reminded of this dream last night when I was doing the dishes.

Then, last night I had a dream where I ate some spinach and all of a sudden became a superhero? I can only remember sections of this dream. I think I became pink when I was a superhero. Anyway I was at Adam's mom's house with him, except it wasn't really her house and it was in Big Rapids, Michigan (where I lived until I was seven.) As soon as I was "super" it seemed like Adam was my enemy?? I just knew that I had to get away, so I ran outside. Across the street there was a HUGE mansion with golden gates surrounding it. I leapt up onto this gate (just like spiderman!!) but once I landed on the top, my super powers faded away. I was a regular person again. I fell inside the fence onto the lawn. Luckily, the older lady that lived in the house saw me and beckoned me inside. We looked across the street, and Adam's house was glowing this blinding green light out of the windows. And we saw his silhouette standing hunched inside one of the windows - his body was undergoing a transformation. He became the Incredible Hulk! It was so weird!

Then all of a sudden I knew I was in danger. I knew he was coming. Then next thing I knew, he was in this lady's basement, waiting for me. It was a nice basement, the kind with carpet and couches and stuff (it wasn't like he was lurking in the cobwebby basement or something). I was in the kitchen, which was at the top of the stairs to the basement. I knew that he was waiting to confront/fight me. I began frantically searching for spinach so that I could regain my super powers. The closest thing I could find was this bag of frozen veggies in the freezer. It was like spinach, cauliflower, cheese and stuff. I microwaved it but only halfway because I felt like I had to hurry. I remember that the veggies and cheese were DELICIOUS! Then I went down to see Adam and we stood there like we were going to fight and then I was just like "I don't want to fight you..." And he said "I don't want to fight either!" And we hugged and that's all I can remember! Anyway, yeah. Strange dreams...