Monday, August 31, 2015


This weekend I traveled to New York City for the first time!! I met up with my internet friends. We stayed in the Marriott Downtown. This was the view from my room!

Public garden across the street from the hotel.

We were starving from traveling all morning, so we found a restaurant and had a late lunch. We went to SouthWestNY.

We got a round of Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen. It was so juicy, refreshing and delicious. Look at that color!

We shared a few different things. Pork tacos, mushroom and goat cheese quesadillas, and sliders.

Everything was thumbs up!

After lunch, we went out walking! First we went to the 911 Memorial.

Then we headed to Battery Park.

There are amazing things everywhere you look in NYC! Look at this fish at the bottom of a post!


The Merchant Mariners' Memorial.

That night, we went to Trinity Place for dinner. It's located in an old bank vault!

We got a round of the Champagne Sangria cocktail. It comes in layers and you stir it up!


These rolls were the best smelling rolls.

For dinner I had the Fusilli Pasta.

Look at this fun patio across the street from the restaurant!


Hahaha, a Subway inside a Subway Entrance. Get it?

Trinity Church at night. Bonus, Gigi's pointing finger near the bottom. Because pretty much we were running around going "Look at that!" "Oh, look at THAT!!" "LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!!"

Look at those clouds between those buildings!

We stopped in Duane Reade drugstore. Look how shiny and fancy!

Gigi and Pamela were stoked to find Demeter fragrances.

Mmm, angel food cake!

The bull of wall street!

And his big old balls!


The next morning, we headed to a nearby fancy food court for breakfast.

I had a toasted sesame bagel with dill and lox cream cheese, avocado, tomato and sprouts and it was EXACTLY what I was craving.

After breakfast, we took the subway to Midtown.

Dazed with Big City wonder!


Look at all them lights!

Hello Kitty and friends in front of the Sanrio store!

I beelined to the Sanrio store, hoping to find some Deery Lou merchandise, but nope. All Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty and Ellie!

Walking around.

Chocolate World!

Hello, friends!

We went to the Rockefeller Center to do the Top of the Rock tour.


Central Park!

Gigi, me and Lauren.

Lauren, Molly and Gigi.


Look at how tiny the Statue of Liberty looks!


Top of the Rock!

Subway to Chinatown! Molly, Ellie and Ali.


Little Italy.

Ice cream!

Don't mess with internet friends.

Ali and Marge.

We went to Shanghai Cafe Deluxe for lunch.

We ordered what we presumed to be a reasonable amount of food.

A couple of appetizers.

Some noodles.

And you know, a few orders of dumplings.

But the dumplings kept coming, and coming, and coming! I can barely see Ellie across the table! For the rest of the trip we kept joking that the waitress was going to show up everywhere we went with another steaming platter of dumplings. Everything was DELICIOUS.






Rainbow wolf.



Eventually we hit a wall and had to take a break. I think we walked 10 miles that day? And it was hot!! So we rested on a stoop for awhile.

But then we found Mr. Softee and got a second wind!

I got the Papa Smurf!


Western Spirit.





Busy, busy, busy!

For dinner on Saturday, we went to Rosie's. Lauren got a watermelon margarita!

Ellie and Gigi got spicy mango margaritas.

I got the Rose Ahumado, which had rose wine, Mezcal tequila, and grapefruit liqueur. It was so good!

Yay for tacos!

Mmm, tacos.

We shared the churros for dessert, and they were AMAZING. They were also magically hot. We were passing them around and sharing them for AWHILE and they just stayed hot!!!! They were really good.

Sparkly art across the street from Rosie's.

Walking back to the hotel. That projection's EYES moved!!!! Creepy.

Ben's Pizza! Hi, Ben!

Just right!

Protect Yo Heart.

There was a full moon - a SUPER moon, actually - that night. Kind of hard to get a photo of it, but it's that bright white circle right in the middle.


Seating is is for Amish customers only.

Sunday morning, we took a taxi to the Lower East Side. Taxi selfies!



Now showing!



New York wonderment!



We went to Russ & Daughters for brunch. I think this was my favorite food of the trip!

One of everything, please?


Blueberry soda!

Knish! With amazing mustard.

Here we go!

I got an everything bagel with smoked sable and goat cream cheese. The goat cream cheese was the BEST and it's the only way I want to eat cream cheese anymore.

Pamela's kippered salmon.

Ellie's classic smoked salmon.

Breakfast sweets!! Blintzes and chocolate babka!

We did some more walking after brunch. NO PETS!

Check out the side eye on this dog. She was being SO good. She wanted to get that cat SO BAD but her owners told her to stay.

Hells Angels!

Hells Angel.


We had to stop at this store called Yumi Kim, because YUMI!

The floor was the best. So sparkly. Ellie ALMOST bought a tropical dress.

Epstein's bar where FELICITY hangs out!!!! Let's just hope Julie isn't doing open mic.

It's a good thing Ellie saved her money at the dress store because then we found a SHOE store! And bought matching shoes!!

NYC shoes! I walked a lot in them and they are amazingly comfortable!


Next up, we went to the Tenement Museum and did the Hard Times tour. It was SO good!!! It was really interesting to see those old buildings and see how the immigrants lived.

By this point we were ready for a snack, so we went to Melt for ice cream sandwiches. I got The Elvis, which is banana ice cream between peanut butter cookies!


We decided to visit Trinity Church again in the daytime.

Ellie and Ali!

Robert Fulton.


Let's get some shoes!

That evening, we met up with even MORE internet friends in Queens! Tina graciously hosted us for dinner and drinks.

Walking to Tina's.

We picked up some beers at Habibi Deli.


Tina ordered us some of the best pizza in her neighborhood, which was SO GREAT because we had been wanting pizza for DAYS!

It was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love pizza.

And Suzanne got us the fixings for lobster rolls! Also delicious. Pizza and lobster rolls as a meal = HEAVEN.

Lauren, me and Ali!


Duck lips.

 And that is my final photograph from New York City! It was an amazing trip. So great to spend time with wonderful friends and explore such a fascinating city. I already want to go back!