Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Ohio Brew Week 2021

Happy Ohio Brew Week! I met up with Abby and Sarah for a Brew Week happy hour at Jackie O's. Yay!

It was hard to pick four beers to taste, but I made excellent choices. Lagercello, Flamestitch, Cross Stitch Rich, and Kind of Blue. Cheers!

After the happy hour, I headed over to the parking garage for the Top Deck Dinner. The weather was perfect!!

Such a lovely evening for a dinner on top of the parking garage!

We ran into Lauren Dikis! What a fun surprise!

The dinner was five delicious courses prepared by chef Andrew Wenmoth of Cutler's Restaurant. Each course paired with a delicious brew from Jackie O's Brewery

Course 1: Grilled shrimp + house andouille over 3hr shagbark grits. These grits were so amazing that during a moment of silence, dad hollered "THESE ARE THE BEST GRITS I'VE EVER HAD!" Paired with Chomolungma.

Course 2: Wedge salad with bacon, local chive, local tomato, Shagbark popcorn croutons + Snowville white cheddar dressing. Paired with Livelihood.


Course 3: Tuna poke bowl, avocado, fresh local sweet corn, local cucumbers, baja sauce. Paired with Tepache Perpetum.

Course 4: RL Valley hanger steak, chili corn sauce, chili crisp, squash. Paired with Mystic Mama.

Course 5: Smore's Napoleon with toasted almond and Jackie O's Stout caramel. Paired with Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition.

Happy Ohio Brew Week! Cheers!

LLOL. At the 2019 Top Deck Dinner, it was quite stormy so we ate one level below the top. Dad was being hilarious and pretended to be stranded on the curb as the rainwater gushed by...

...and tonight, he reenacted that moment. "Help! Help!"