Sunday, September 25, 2022

Birthday Week

I've had quite a special birthday week. My actual birthday was Friday, and Mom and Dad made steaks for dinner! Yum!!

We had ice cream cake for dessert.


On Saturday night, I went to Zoe for dinner with girlfriends. Emily and Yumi's outfits looked super cute together!

And then this afternoon, Michele and I went to Little Fish for a happy hour.


Saturday, September 17, 2022

Pawpaw Festival 2022

Michele and I have a tradition of going to Pawpaw Festival together every year. This year, we were on the way to Pawpaw Fest when we got stuck in a crazy traffic jam! It turns out there was an accident near the festival entrance, and they had to figure out how to reroute a bunch of festival traffic. They temporarily closed the entrance to the festival. We turned around and headed back to Michele's house and drank a beer together on her porch instead. We were sad!

Emily joined us for that beer, and then convinced me to go back out to the festival that evening with her family! They had resolved the traffic issues and the festival was opened back up.

Pawpaw unicorn pegasus!




Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ween at Rabbit Rabbit

Ben, Felix and I drove to Asheville today to see Ween play at Rabbit Rabbit!

It was a very quick trip, but we were glad we went. Ween played an awesome show!

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Nelsonville Music Festival 2022

This weekend was Nelsonville Music Festival! One of my favorite weekend of the year. This year they moved to a new venue, Snow Fork. My friends and I were worried that it wouldn't have the same magical vibe that we have grown to love, but it turns out it was even BETTER! On Friday we caught the D-Rays at the Creekside Stage.

It was a great weekend for some Unicorn Pegasuses! Lori was first:



Heather and I did matching rainbow nails for the weekend!


Fun in the sun with great friends.

Heather's dress literally GLOWED at night!! It's so beautiful!

Day two brought another round of Unicorn Pegasuses!


The D-Rays played again today, this time on the Porch Stage! Look, it's Missy! WE KNOW HER! 

NMF dancing vibes.

D-Rays fangirls!

Group photo with the D-Rays!

This is how you properly apply glitter:

More unipegs!


The Snow Fork stage at dusk.


Valerie looking cute at Creekside on the last day.

Danielle Ponder was an unexpected delight. We hadn't heard of her before the weekend, but her set blew us all away. She did a cover of Creep by Radiohead and by the end of the song, I looked around and all of my friends were crying!!! And I was too! It was so powerful.

S.G. Goodman was another one of the favorites of the weekend. We saw her at the Creekside stage and the Porch stage.

Emily demonstrating the classic sexy hair shake:

Janna, Yumi and Mara!

Angel Olsen closed out the weekend.


Farewell, NMF! Till next year! Mwah!


Thursday, September 01, 2022

Happy 10 Years!

Ben and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary today! We went to Zoe for dinner.


There was a pork chop special on the menu, and we both got it. It was so good!