Friday, June 29, 2007

Matching Dresses!

Recently, Summer, Suzanne, Yumi and I went on a shopping dress and ended up purchasing two sets of matching dresses. We couldn't WAIT to go out wearing them! So tonight, that is what we did. The pictures speak for themselves.

Click here for photos.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dinner at Summer's

Summer had the FANCIEST dinner party! Check out the menu!

I tried to get some photos of their turtle, Joey.

Summer going over the details of the dinner with us.

Let's eat!

Mixed greens salad and honey orange dressing, with watermelon, gorgonzola, and walnuts. Also, chilled mexican lime tomato soup.

For the main course, rum-glazed shrimp and mango skewers, bourbon beef tenderloin, tequila BBQ beef tenderloin, and potatoes and green beans with fresh pesto.

And for dessert, peaches, italian amaretti, and amaretto whipped cream.

AND strawberries, archway ginger snaps and vanilla whipped cream.

Suzanne took this still life.

Summer made me a "perfect manhattan." it was WICKED strong. So good.

Look! An Adidas lemon!

Summer cutting up the leftover meat.

Summer and I like our meat to be BLOODY rare.

Here are some pieces she seared extra for those not as carnivorous as us.

Look at that pretty sunset!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dinner at Vana's

Tonight, Vana had us over for dinner! She made a super delicious black bean dip. Secret ingredient: cottage cheese!

Mom and Dad bought me this beer as a surprise, from Trader Joe's. It is SO DELICIOUS.

Look at this cute little guy that was out on Vana's deck!

Mmm, pizza.

Kayla, Derrick and Leda wore all black for the night!

We stopped by Sierra's after dinner for a little while. Those were the fanciest beer pong cups I had ever seen!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Farewell, Lily and Jeramiah!

When I got back to Athens last night, I headed over to Gina's to have a cookout for Lily's last night in town! Mmm, Malibu and Diet Sunkist!

Me, Gina, Lily and Jeramiah doing a Zissou point!


Look at Lily's form! You'd think they had cornhole for SURE in the UK!

Go, Gina!

Hug attack!

Jeramiah and me!

Lily and me, and Gina's all, "I gotta bust into this shit!"


Then, this afternoon we all went to O'Betty's for the Last Lunch. I got the Sally, which is a hot dog with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, and mayo!

We all shared regular fries, cajun fries, and garlic fries (not pictured).

Unicorn pegasus time for Lily and Jeramiah!

After Lily left, this is how we spent the rest of the afternoon!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Leighanna's Bachelorette Party!

Summer, Yumi and I headed to Detroit this weekend to celebrate Leighanna's bachelorette party! Friday night, we went to an Irish restaraunt, where I had a delicious salad with fried onions on top.

Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Ryan's uncle's POOL! We had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, fruit, and beers. It was soooooo relaxing and awesome!

Afterwards, we headed to Leighanna's to get fancied up in all black! For party favors, Rabecca gave us all big black and white earrings to wear. Fun! We ate Olive Garden catering for dinner, and played Pin the Penis on the Naked Man! And opened gifts! And then the limo picked us up to head out into the night for some dancing. It was a great way to celebrate Leighanna's upcoming marriage!

Sunday morning, we went to Slow's for barbecue before heading back to Ohio.

Click here for photos.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lunch With Lily

Gina's friend Lily was visiting Athens this weekend, all the way over from LONDON! They had a ton of weekend activities planned, but since I had my own activities planned in Detroit this weekend, I only joined them for the beggining and ending festivities. On Friday, we met up at Broney's for lunch.

It was my very first time visiting Broney's. The plan was to eat at Jackie O's on the patio, but it was closed! So we went to Broney's. And I was surprised to discover that they have an AWESOME beer selection?! Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat on tap?! IN ATHENS?!?!? And Hoegaarden and Oberon! And many other delicious beers! And SHUFFLEBOARD! So there you have it. Broney's seems like it will be fun.

Gina, me, and Lily!

Tom with his BLT!

Okay, so we set our cameras on a table in order to take a self-timer group photo. But right as we all started to pose, Gina decided to run back and check her camera again and my camera caught Jill, Tom and me all giving Gina the "WTF?!" face! Hahaa. Lily looks lovely, though!

Take two! There we go! GROUP PHOTO!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Dad recently worked on a guitar for a customer in Maryland. Instead of paying for the work with cash, Dad asked if he could be reimbursed with blue crab! So the guy sent a giant box of delicious crab. Mom and Dad invited us over for crabcakes!

And MOJITOS! Fresh mojitos from mom's Mojito Patch!

Dad telling us a story!

Mmmm look at those crab cakes!

We ate out on the back deck. Petey was jealous.

YUM! The crabcakes were AMAZING.

We had strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert. PERFECT!