Sunday, January 29, 2006

Baby Kate

Hahahah Mom emailed me this picture today from when I was a baby.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Roslie's Housewarming Party!

Rose and Leslie just moved into a new house together, and they hosted a Housewarming Party with a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! It was a great time, and there was a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.

I designed the flyer for them:

They opened housewarming gifts.

I gave them those glasses!

The best part was the chocolate fountain.

Yumi gave Keeker some loving.

Suzanne and Matt!

I am about to make a Smores in the chocolate fountain.

Mmmmmmm chocolate fountain!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Summer and I decided that this particular Wednesday evening was a good night for a beer. Not just any beer. An Irish Car Bomb! So we went to Tony's and ordered some. We felt like playing darts. At first the bartender was like "Oh we don't serve those." He thought they had Red Bull in them! We explained it to him and he got them ready for us.

He gave us PLASTIC shot glasses!! We took them back to our booth but we were like "uh, these are going to float."

We plopped them in and sure enough, they floated. It was hilarious!! Hahah! We've got us a floater! So we just dumped them in and drank them up. He was definitely heavy on the Jamison's, but we weren't complaining! It was an exciting Irish Car Bomb Night for Summer because she finished hers first for the first time ever! Cheers!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Charlie in a Sunbeam

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

For Mom's birthday, Mer and I cooked a fancy dinner. We made Filletes de Pescado a la Veracruzana (Fish fillets braised with tomatoes, capers, olives and herbs). We also made salad and cornbread. I was in charge of the cornbread. We decided to replace one half cup of the white flour with wheat flour. Mer got all the ingredients out for me and started working on the fish.

I started measuring out a 1/2 cup of wheat flour, and it smelled DELICIOUS! I was like "Mmm! This smells great! It smells like MUFFINS!" And Mer was like "mmm hmm." then I inhaled more deeply and said "MMM!! It smells like ROLLS!" and finally she glanced over and realized I was measuing out the yeast, not the wheat flour!! Oops! Good thing I didn't dump it in. That would have been some GIANT cornbread. It turned out delicious.

That is yeast:

Mer cooking the fixings for the fish.

Birthday champagne!

It was a special night because it was Mommy's first Irish Car Bomb!


Mom looks a little skeptical, but she sure did finish her Car Bomb!

Filletes de Pescado a la Veracruzana. FANCY! Also, cornbread and salad.

We got a cake from the Village Bakery.


It was chocolate with raspberry inside. It was delicious. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Friday, January 20, 2006


Today after work I went for some beers with my coworkers. Rose and J'aime planned to meet me at Casa, and then we'd go back to my house. When they arrived, they were totally matching completely. I said "AW!! Cute matching outfits! Twinkies!!" And both of their eyes got real big and they looked down at their outfits, only JUST THEN realized that they matched exactly! Hahahah! I guess they had just walked down Court Street eating matching ice cream cones, too. Hahah. They must've looked like the Doublemint Twins.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Anne!

I went to Dayton this weekend to help Anne celebrate her birthday! It was SO much fun. Friday night, Clark, Anne and I headed out for thai food. It was all amazing. The sushi was delicious! After that, we went bowling. I got to meet some of their friends, Sarah, Shad, and Ryan. We had pitchers of beer. I LOVE bowling alleys that serve beer and score for you.

On Saturday, Anne and I went to Little Saigon for lunch. I've been hearing about it forever and man, was it AWESOME! Then we did some shopping, then it was time for dinner. We had pizza and champagne! Marion's Pizza in Dayton is incredible. You wouldn't believe how much sausage they give you!

Then we went to this party at the F.O.E. Eagle's Nest. It was a great time. There were awesome snacks (Hanky Panky DIP!!), and I met some cool people. They had beer too. We smoked cigars. Afterwards, we played some poker at Clark's place. It was a super fun weekend!

Click here for photos.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

We had some folks over for a little NYE party this year! There were games, champagne, snacks, and fun! The only thing that was a bummer was that we headed up to Casa to enjoy the bubble machine that they were featuring, and it wasn't running due to technical difficulties! Oh well, Casa was still fun anyway! Happy New Year!

Click here for photos.