Sunday, June 20, 2021

Breyer Horse Photoshoot

Emily and I played a LOT of Breyer horses when we were little. We would spend all afternoon in the yard, developing complicated storylines for the horses. Sometimes, we'd get lucky and Mom would order us pizza!

When Summer saw that photo, she knew we would have to do a recreation. She put her art director skills to good use and helped us recreate that magic moment! I think it turned out pretty great!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Davis Visit

The family got together over in Davis, West Virginia, for a visit! We got in on Friday afternoon and kicked things off with a dog walk.


Mer cooked a delicious falafel meal this evening and I only got this one sad photo of it! Does not adequately represent the deliciousness.

Mom and Dad rented a house near Mer's house, and Ben, Felix and I stayed there too.

Dad cooked a delicious breakfast on Saturday morning!

Then we did some sightseeing! First we headed to Lindy Point.

Look at how beautiful!

Mom and Mer!

Ben and Felix!

Lucy makes the funniest face when she gets picked up.

Next we went to Blackwater Falls. Felix and Lucy enjoyed the hike!

There it is!!

After all that sightseeing, we were hungry for ice cream.

Then we headed to the ski lift!

The boardwalk to the view at the top!

There's the valley.

Going back down.


We had cheeseburgers for dinner!

Best life ever.

After dinner we played Bowl of Nouns.

Then we took a soak in the hot tub!

The next morning we found Lucy walking around with a noun in her mouth!! Dogs are so silly.

Dad made another delicious breakfast.

That morning we went for a hike at Dolly Sods!

Pete and Mer are making the same gesture!

It was a rainy afternoon, so we played some euchre.

Mer, Mom and I got matching hoodies in town!

Bowl of Nouns rematch!


Felix enjoying the deck.

We got out the BB gun and did a little target practice.

Pew pew!

We had pizza from Sirianni's for dinner. Yum!

The rental has a Skee-Ball machine, so that was fun! 

We had a great time! 

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Happy Birthday Housewarming, Yumi!

Yumi bought a house! We gathered at her new house today to celebrate her new home AND her birthday. Cheers to Yumi!

Emily baked Yumi a cake! Yum!

Birthday girl!

We enjoyed the cake down by the fire pit.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Cooking Club with Suzanne!

Today we had a surprise cooking club at Summer's house with special guest, cooking club OG Suzanne! She was visiting from Wisconsin, and Summer managed to keep it a surprise until pretty close to the last minute. How fun! Emily was there too, but she arrived after we took this photo and we forgot to take another one. Shoot!

Valerie made an asparagus tart!

Yumi made a flatbread!

Emily made blanched snow peas with a sesame ginger aioli.

Heather made spring rolls!

Summer had this amazing smoked trout dip imported from North Carolina.

Some of us didn't have time to make dishes. Nancy picked up some pizzas!

Suzanne brought a bunch of delicious cheese from Wisconsin! They sure know their cheese.

I brought jalapeƱo poppers from Avalanche. THE BEST poppers. So creamy and spicy!

Emily also made these adorable strawberry rhubarb hand pies! They were delightful!

Everything was delicious, but the most delicious thing was getting to spend some quality time with one of the cooking club originals, Suzanne!