Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bill and Liz's Halloween Party

Our friends Bill and Liz were having a Halloween Party tonight, just a street up from ours. Ben and Phil were there, and when I got home from cooking club I walked up to meet them. The house was DECKED OUT in Halloweeniness!

Look at this amazing bat boy pumpkin that Liz carved!!

There was an enormous, terrifying wolf man lurking by the staircase.

Okay, maybe he was kind of friendly.


They have a great bulldog named Frank.

He was so nice!

Here comes Frank to check out the scene on the porch. What a fun party!

Southern Cooking Club

Yumi hosted the October cooking club, and the theme was Southern food. MMM. She started us off with delicious bourbon sweet tea cocktails!

Cheers! Tonight was also the annual Uptown Athens Halloween Block Party, so in the spirit of Halloween, Summer and I wore wigs.

I was also covered in spiders.


Aren't they so CREEPY?!

Time to dish up!


Dinner time! Yumi made traditional fried chicken.

She also made blackened catfish!

Summer made a gumbo. Look at her spooky bone arrangement!

I made macaroni and cheese. It was my first time, and I would HIGHLY recommend this recipe. It is Martha Stewart's classic macaroni and cheese, by way of Smitten Kitchen. I used sourdough for the bread cubes on top.

Valerie made biscuits! Some with cheese and some without.

Time for some wine!


A delicious plateful of Southern deliciousness. The greens are Emily's collard greens in bacon fat. All the components of this dinner went together smashingly, and it was totally YUM!

After dinner, we played Mad Gab. This always guarantees big laughs!!

Nancy recently got an iPhone 5GS, and it has the capability to take slow motion videos. These are hilarious to watch!! Here is a montage of slow-mo Mad Gab. Also, I have noticed that in many photos of me, I am always gesticulating with my hands, and this video captures that big time. I have no idea what I was pointing about, but MAN was I pointing!!!

Nancy made sweet potato pie for dessert. I had never had it before. It is sooooooooo good!!!!! Like pumpkin pie, but different.


I brought two of my old wool coats to dinner, hoping that I could find new homes for them and make some room in my coat closet. I've worn both of these for YEARS, but neither one ever really fit me very well. I'm short and my shoulders are puny so they always looked shapeless and dumpy on me. But LOOK at how great they look on Emily and Yumi!! These ladies ROCK these coats!! My mom originally bought that red one in 1984! I'm so happy that they have found better homes.

After Nancy dropped me off at my house at the end of the night, she and Summer happened to find a perfect parking spot for uptown on their way home, so they decided to stop by block party and check things out! Nancy texted me a video, and it looked like a good crowd this year. Look at those Pac-Man ghosts!


Summer and J invited us to go to the Ohio University Homecoming Game with them! It was my first time going to a football game. CHEST BUMP!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

J and Summer!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

And special guest star TOM!!! We tailgated with Tom and his family out in the parking lot before the game.

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Tom, me and Ben!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Thank you, Tom, for making a normal face this time.

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Tom and his Pops!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

SPORTS SPIRIT!! Or whatever you call it! Rarr!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Ben and me.

Ohio University Homecoming 2013


Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Eventually it was time to go into the game. Everyone had to touch the bobcat on their way in for good luck!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Summer and J had free tickets in the end zone! In case you don't speak football, that is the area right there at the end of the field, with the green tents!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013


Ohio University Homecoming 2013

It was right there in the action. In fact, while I was up getting something to eat, the ball whizzed right by me and GRAZED MY LEG!!!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

They had Kaiser's Barbecue for us to eat in the fancy end zone section. YUM!!

Kaiser's Barbecue

My family was at the game too, so Summer and I ventured to the other end of the field to visit them! We got to walk through the inflatable bobcat head.

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Mer and Kate!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Mom, Dad, and Baby!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Ohio University Homecoming 2013


Ohio University Homecoming 2013

Marching band!!!

Ohio University Homecoming 2013
And that's a football game!