Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I've been celebrating all week. I got a skeleton onesie at Aldi for $14.99 and it has been such a comfortable costume. I've always wanted to try painting my face with skull makeup. Cheers!

On Friday we went to a party at Chelsea's house. We stopped by Mom and Dad's on the way there.

I love Mom's ghosts!



Chelsea had pitchers of wine with EYEBALLS in them!

PiƱata chaos!

Kyle and me! The weirdest thing about skull makeup was feeling like I shouldn't smile.

After Chelsea's party, we went to Casa for some dancing!

And some Unicorn Pegasuses. It's PICKLES!!


On Saturday we went uptown for the Honey for the Heart parade! It was a rainy day but that doesn't stop Athens.


We popped into Tony's for refreshments.

Emily went as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and she looked exactly like her!! So good.

Then we went to see Emily's show at Central Venue! 

After that, we went to Bagel Street Deli for a Halloween party. They do a theme every year, and this year they turned the restaurant into an airport! It was so cool! Yumi and Suzie!

Janna, Jodie, Yumi and Suzie!

Inside the terminal.


The drink cart!


And then finally tonight was Trick or Treat! Look, Scott and I are twins! And I realized it's still fine to smile even with the skull makeup.

Michele and Scott at the Trick or Treat fire.


Mom and Dad!

Trick or Treat!

Vana, Joe, Jasper, and Baby Violet!

Derrick, Kayla, and Levi (being shy!)!

I held down the fort and passed out candy while the little ones went Trick or Treating around the block.

Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Fall Colors

The fall colors have been insane this year!! Even on a rainy gloomy morning, they were magnificent.

I took Felix on a walk down on South Green and I just couldn't stop staring at the trees!

Those colors!


And look at this tree!! At the West State Ballfields! It looks like it is GLOWING!

There's a monkey in the tree!

Saturday, October 07, 2023


Mom and I met up with Cheryl and Kenzie today for OHIO Homecoming! We started off with the parade. There goes the Marching 110!

This guy next to us had a Corona in his pocket at 10:25 a.m. LOL.

It's DJ Barticus!

Cute pandas!

I love the dragon.

International Bobcats!

The best part: the alumni band!


After the parade, we went to check out some tailgates. And gave out some unicorn pegasus tattoos! Kenzie was first.

Cheryl's cousin!



Kenzie and Cheryl.


Some guy in the beer line at Peden Stadium!

We watched the first half of the football game too.

We got rained on a little bit, but overall it was a great Homecoming day!