Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cabin Weekend

Last fall, I got together with some college friends at a cabin in Lancaster. We had a great time, but were bummed that it was too cold to enjoy the great deck! So we decided to go back this summer so we could spend more time outside. We started things off Friday afternoon with a dip in the hot tub!

Then feasted on tacos!

After dinner, we played our traditional ladies cabin game, Bowl of Nouns. These photos make it look like our weekend was sponsored by White Claw Hard Seltzer. We are definitely open to sponsorships!

Emily's fiance Kevin made us pies!


You might remember that the cabin is home to a beautiful golden dog named Comet. This time, he was joined by an ENORMOUS black dog named Oli!

Anne taking a pic of her food while Oli and Comet look on.

Look at that big, GOOD boy!

And Comet was as sweet as ever. It's fun to return to this cabin to spend time with their great pets!

It wouldn't be cabin weekend without a puzzle. Emily brought this amazing Last Unicorn puzzle! It was HARD.

But we did it!

Hot tub, day two!

We ventured into Athens in the evening to have dinner at Casa.

Jenny, Emily, me, Ashley, Kara and Anne. Mmm, Casa!

Wesley Bright & The Honeytones just happened to be playing a free, early, outside show on Union Street. We were like, don't mind if we DO! It was amazing!!

Then we headed back to the cabin for late night cheese.

And time by the fire.

The next morning, Ashley made us pancakes. "Turkey, lobster, sweet potato pie! Pancakes, piled up, til they reach the sky! I wanna eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until I die!"

Look at us, enjoying the deck! Just like we wanted to!

There was also this sweet little kitty. He was SUPER friendly but also sort of sick. I felt bad for him! He was pretty snotty but I couldn't help petting him.


So then he pretty much followed me around, awwww.

Look at how little and sweet!

Farewell group photo time! Lots of fun and laughs were had this weekend.

We're already looking forward to coming back.


Oli's not even full-grown. He's a puppy. Look at Jenny's entire hand in his enormous mouth!

Jenny's down!


On that note, farewell! Til next time!


Sunday, August 05, 2018

Pontoon Cooking Club

We had such a great time doing Pontoon Cooking Club in 2016, that we decided to do it again! We relied on our trusty captain, Yumi, to steer us once again into deliciousness. Our theme was "Chilled." Yumi, Summer and I were the cooks!



Summer kicked things off with a grilled peach bourbon cocktail. MMM!

I made shrimp and avocado spring rolls with a peanut dipping sauce.

They were really easy to eat daintily and elegantly!

Yumi brought chilled salmon and shrimp!

I also made a soba noodle salad with shiitake mushrooms.

Summer brought a refreshing peach and cucumber side salad. Everything complemented each other perfectly, and it was a delicious feast!

After we feasted, we relaxed! Ah, pontoon life.

Nancy's first time on a stand-up paddleboard! She looks profesh!

Captain Yumi surveying the lake.

Our final course was a panna cotta by Yumi. Chilled and sweet. Pontoon cooking club was a success once again!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Happy birthday, Pete!

We celebrated Pete's birthday tonight with a cookout!

Burger line!

Mmm. Grilled burgers and veggies plus roasted eggplant!

Make a wish!

Kate made the cupcakes, and they were delicious!