Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our neighborhood decided that we would go ahead and do Trick or Treat, and each house would do their best to provide candy in a safe way. Instead of having a big bowl for kids to reach into, I made little cupcake wrappers full of treats for kids to grab and get!

Joe, Jasper and Vana were a pumpkin family!

Cheryl brought a really scary T-Rex mask!

Rarrrr!! Jasper doesn't seem too scared.

It was a lovely night for Trick or Treat.

Little Kate and her friend!

Off they go.

We had a decent stream of Trick or Treaters.

Mom and Dad joined!

Felix even wore his Happy Halloween bow. So handsome.

Mer and Lucy joined us, too!

Astronaut family!

Look at Scott in his little Batman costume! And with Michele's hat!

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Davis, West Virginia

This week, Meredith and I drove from Athens to Davis, West Virginia! Her family has a little place down there and I went to stay with them for a week. We quarantined for two weeks leading up to the trip, and then rode in the same car together and I stayed in their house, unmasked! It felt REALLY WEIRD but really good.

We got there on Thursday. It was a beautiful day, and we went to the ski lift to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage!


Mer and Kate.

Look at those trees!

Whee! The ski lift was an excellent way to see the landscape.

We made soup and sandwiches for dinner.

And then we made a fire!

Let's all take photos of it!

Lucy being a good girl.

On Friday, we started the day off with a hike.

The forests are so different down there!

Look at all those mossy rocks!

Mer, Lucy and Kate!

That afternoon, we took another hike, to Bearden Rocks.

What a gorgeous day!

You almost feel like you're on the moon.

Two Kates and a Lucy.

For dinner, we had crockpot green chicken chili and salad. Yum!

On Saturday afternoon, we did more hiking! We went to Pendleton Point.

What a view!

Then we went to Blackwater Falls.

On the way home, we stopped by a cranberry bog. Pickings were slim, but we did get some berries!

Tacos for dinner!

On Sunday, Mer made an apple pie from apples that we picked in her yard!

And pulled pork sliders for dinner.

We put some of the cranberries we picked in the pie, too!

We did a lot of adventuring on Monday, my last full day there. We started off with Lindy Point.


Good enough view, or what?!

On the way to our next adventure, we pulled off at a scenic overlook. From there, you could see Pendleton Point, where we had gone on Saturday! Neat!

Our next stop was Elakala Trail.

It's a bit of a trek to get down to the falls, but we did it!

My shoe actually got wedged in a root on our walk down, and I had to untie it and take it off to get it out!!

Let's go!

That afternoon, Mer had an appointment so Pete took me on some more adventures. We went to a boardwalk in Canaan Valley!

Beaver Dams!

It was fun to see the valley from the bottom.

Next up, we visited Douglas Falls!

Hi, Pete!

Picking apples in the yard!

It's perfect!

On the last night of my trip, we found the JACKPOT cranberry bog! The others we saw on the trip were picked over, but this one was bountiful!

Look closely, they're in there!

We filled our bags! Cranberry picking was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

We got pizza from Sirianni's' Cafe for our last meal of the trip.

Sunrise on our last morning!

Kate's class was having a bike to school day. There she goes!

Before we hit the road to head back to Athens, Mer and I made one more visit to the cranberry bog. Can't stop, won't stop!

What a haul!

Gorgeous, beautiful berries.

Going to make lots of delicious things with these!

I had such a great visit to Davis! I finally understand why Mer, Pete and Kate love the Canaan Valley so much!