Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Birthday Fun Continues!

Ben's birthday celebration continued on today! Today was family celebration time. Ben requested a lemon cake, so I tried a new recipe. This cake has FOUR LAYERS and features lemon curd!! I had never made lemon curd before or made a four-layer cake, so this was exciting for me. It looks good, let's hope it tastes great, too!!!

We gathered the family together at Purple Chopstix. Moss shared his really handsome glasses with all of us.

They just instantly make you look smart!

See? I am reading that label because I am so smart!


Derrick is smart!

Kayla is smart!

Vana is smart, TOO!


Mmm, time for appetizers. We got the artichoke dip!

And the crostini!

Somehow, we randomly decided that it would be a good night for some energy drinks. Moss went and got a huge assortment, so we had a little energy drink TASTING!

Then Yang called in and joined the party via Face Time!

Hi, Yang!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Ben.

We passed Yang around the table so everyone could say "hi."

Tom Yum soup!! Yummy!!

Ben and me!

Time for our entrees! I ordered the linguini with shrimp and scallops. Excellent choice!

Group photo!

Time for PRESENTS!! Vana got Ben this awesome shirt that combines something Ben loves (bikes!) with something I love (unicorns!).

A present from Mom and Dad!

It's an awesome running top!

Moss and Ben demonstrating the ventilation system of the shirt.

Kayla got Ben this amazing popup card that plays a tropical song! Also, a gift certificate for barbecue.

The card made us all feel like we were whisked away to a tropical island!

More presents! From Cheryl!


Hand exercisers!

And many more!!! At this point it was time to light the birthday candles.


Make a wish!

I took a deep breath and cut into the cake and LO AND BEHOLD!! It had four successful, delicious lemony layers!

Would you look at that!!!!!!!!!!

Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT TOOTY TOOT!!!!!!!!!!! This cake was amazing!!


Me and Mom!

Mom and Dad!

Dad and Dennis!

Dennis and Vana!

Vana and Cheryl!

Cheryl and Moss!

WHEE!!!! I guess this counts as Moss and Derrick?

Derrick and Kayla!

Kayla and Ben! AROUND THE WORLD!

Look at how much FUN everyone is having!

At this point it was time to pack up and head out. I needed to take the cake utensils home and figured the best way to clean them up was to lick them! It made Ben nervous.

The final event of the birthday celebration was a game of Pictionary at Vana's house.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is Ben's birthday! Happy birthday, Ben! We both took vacation days from work so that we could have an awesome day of fun. We started things off by playing games on our iPhones in bed.

Charlie came up to wish Ben a happy birthday, too!

For lunch we went to China Panda and got a sushi feast!!

Then we went on a little birthday shopping spree. Afterward, we went to the Ridges to do some putt putting!

We went to Salaam for dinner. Mmmmm.

When we got home, there was a sweet thunderstorm headed our way, so we hung out on the deck for awhile watching the lightening. It was a wonderful birthday, and we're going to celebrate some more tomorrow! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!