Saturday, December 27, 2014

More Christmas

Vana and Joe made a quick visit to Ohio for the holidays, so we got together at Kayla's house last night for some burritos and games! We took some group pictures. They're blurry, but they have everyone in them!

Then this morning we had a bagel feast at Cheryl's!

Yay! Bagel feast!

The pimp hat was back for another year of Secret Santa joy.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas was weird this year, because Mer, Pete and Kate were in Florida! On Christmas morning it was just my parents and Ben and me! We started the morning off with fresh fruit.

And waffles, eggs and sausage!

Then that night, Cheryl, Moss and Yang came over for Christmas dinner! Mom made some clam chowder for a soup course.

Moss and Yang came up with this song called "We Want The Peppers" to entertain us while we waited for dinner to be ready. Cheryl was the backup singer!

We had beef tenderloin for the main course!


I made scalloped potatoes.

Christmas dinner!

Cheryl brought cheesecake!

Petey sitting in a basket.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tracy & Tina's Holiday Party + Tracy's 50th!

Tracy and Tina had their annual party tonight, and Tina snuck in a surprise 50th birthday celebration for Tracy! His birthday is this week!

It didn't take long for Tina's hats to come off the wall.

Tracy and Tina bought a HEAT LAMP FOR THEIR PATIO!!!!!!!!! I looooooove heat lamps, so this is very exciting to me. They might just end up peeking out their windows this winter to see me chillin' on the patio catching the rays off that toasty lamp.

Angus the Beer Deer with Jane and Aaron!

Ho, ho, ho!

Annual Irish Car Bomb time. You will notice everyone else is still midway through their beverages, but Cheryl has finished hers AND moved onto the cheering stage!

Reigning champion always and forever!



Billie and me!

This picture cracks me up because Megan, Cheryl and Billie are all cozy happy friends and I'm little miss showoff in the front. WHOOPS.

And then it was time for Unicorn Pegasus! SANTA Unipegs! Joey broke his hand:










Monday, December 08, 2014

Birthday Drinks with Mer and Sarah!

Since Mer and Sarah share a birthday, they've created a tradition where they celebrate their birthdays together! Their birthday was Dec. 4, so tonight a bunch of us gathered at the Cat's Den to enjoy pizza and beer to celebrate. SISSIES!!!!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mer!

Mom and Dad had us over for dinner tonight to celebrate Mer's birthday! Mom made chili and cornbread, and Mer made a kale salad!


Happy Birthday to Mer!

Wishy wishy!

The frosting was SO bright.

And the cake was SO GOOD. Larry's does it again!

 After dinner, we watched the Athens High School Bulldogs play in the state championship football game! What a GAME! Neck and neck until the very end. Sadly, they lost. But we're still proud!