Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pool Flips

Today, Nancy had a bunch of us out for a pool party! It was a perfect swimming day. Summer, Mike, Dan and Yumi had a diving board contest! And a flip contest!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Unicorns Vs. Ninjas

Tonight was an activity filled evening! First we started the night off at Suzanne's, with a great game of poker.

Afterwards, Summer attempted to do The Worm! She almost has it down. After a little bit more practice, she'll be busting a MOVE on the dance floor.

After all that, we headed up to Tony's to meet up with some friends and play a little darts. Mr. Studlyhunk showed up for awhile!

We divided into teams. Mike and I were The Unicorns. See our ferocious horns?

Suzanne and Summer were The Ninjas.

Dan and Yumi were our cheerleaders!

Look at Summer the ninja with all of those BULLSEYES! Damn!

The Ninjas beat The Unicorns, so we had to bow our horns in shame.


We drew a dead guy in the middle of the scoreboard, and Summer drew how the ninjas were going to kill him, and I drew the unicorn goring him. I was hoping this drawing would scare them into a loss for the second game, but unfortunately we lost again. Hopefully there will be a rematch soon!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bad Ass Pirate Ship

Yesterday, Summer had a few of us over to enjoy the summertime sunshine. Clark and I used the power of teamwork to create something incredible. We made a bad ass pirate ship out of popsicle sticks, dental floss, and a toothpick! We even codesigned a special unicorn pirate flag. There was a horribly suspenseful buildup as the ship was being built, while everyone wondered if the little guy would sail. Then we launched it, and it sure DID sail! It sailed mightily and fearlessly right across that pool, and then it even cruised around on its own.Hooray for teamwork!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ridges Tour

I had the opportunity to take a little tour of The Ridges. I work up here every day, but there are lots of parts of the buildings that are closed to the public. I had been in several of these areas before, but I had never seen the stain.

In the late 1970s, a patient named Margaret wandered into an abandoned ward of the hospital, and got locked in. Hospital staff searched for her, but did not find her. After she realized that no one was coming for her, Margaret took off all her clothes, folded them neatly on the windowsill, and laid down on the floor with her arms crossed over her chest. There she died, and was not found for a few weeks. Her body decomposing in the direct light from the windows created a stain that cannot be removed.

I've seen many pictures of the stain before, but it was entirely different to see it in person. It's really sad, and also creepy. We also visited the basement, the attic, the alligator room. I hope they renovate the entire Ridges some day, because these buildings are incredible.

Click here for photos.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Moms Night & Union Benefit Show

Last night, Summer and her mom Debi came over to my Mom's house, and we had drinks and snacks and played Pictionary and listened to music! It was fantastic! Then Summer and I headed to the Benefit Rock Show at the Union. The Speedknobs, the LVXVRY PVSHERS, and the Black Labs played. After the show, Yumi and I hit up some afterhours parties, the second of which included Todd breakdancing on pizza boxes out in the grass. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead at that point. Dang!

Click here for photos.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Butt Turds Vs. Butt Pegasuses

So Summer and I played darts against Craig and Tracy tonight, and Tina hung too. I think the team names started out as Turd Whistlers and Unicorn Pegasuses? Or something like that. But they got changed to BUTT STUDS vs. BUTT PEGASUSES.

This beer by Bell's Brewing Company that they have at Tony's right now is the most delicious beer, seriously. It's called Burnin' Bells and it tastes like FRANZISKANER.

Happy Darts!

This girl spilled beer all over all of my stuff, so I fought her. It might look like she's about to punch me, but really *I* am about to stab HER with those darts in my hand. Hi-YAH!


Monday, July 10, 2006

Athens Nerd Meet!

This weekend, a group of girls from the message board I got to gathered in Athens for an Internet Meet! We got to show them the Athens hot spots like Casa, The Union, and Summer's house. We played a lot of Asshole and Pictionary, and sat in the sunshine for hours! It was a fantastic weekend.

Click here for photos.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

This weekend, Summer, Maia, Nathan, Laura and I headed up to Detroit. Friday night we followed tradition by going to Little Tree for sushi. Afterwards we headed to this dance club called Boogie Fever. It was pretty awesome. On Saturday, we headed over to Leighanna's for Ryan's birthday party. We spent the whole afternoon in the sunshine, eating grilled food and birthday cake. It was a great afternoon except Nathan sprained his ankle and now has to be on crutches! Ugh. Hopefully he'll heal up soon. That night we were all pooped so we went out to dinner and then just relaxed at Rabecca's. It was super chill and great. Sunday morning, we headed back to Athens!

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