Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving Day

Today, Ben and I moved into our new place. Check it out, I ended up with the same truck as when I moved in with him two years ago! Joey helped us move, and drove the truck. Cowboys!

Packing up the truck.

Discussing angles.

That's a lot of stuff!

After we loaded up the truck, we took the UHAUL over to Mom and Dad's to pick up the piano. That's right, piano. This is the fourth piano that poor Ben has had to help move in the past two years! (See: First time, second time, third time.)

THANKS EVERYBODY! The piano made it safe and sound!!! Once everything was moved, it was time for BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

And pizza!!!!

See? Moving isn't so bad.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer & J's Sweet Intoxication Tour

I just got back from several days in Savannah, Georgia! We went for Summer and J's wedding and the whole trip was awesome!!

We rode with Chris and Maia, and we left Friday night. We drove through the night and got to Savannah late Saturday morning. Ben and I were going to spend one night at the Bed & Breakfast with Maia, then move our stuff over to the house Summer and J were staying at. They reserved a big house for the wedding festivities.

Since we couldn't check in until 3:00 p.m., we headed straight to the beach! Tybee Island is only about fifteen minutes away. It was super hot and sunny, and we swam in the ocean! Then we got lunch at a little seafood place. After that we showered up and explored the city.

On Sunday, everyone met up at The Forsyth House, where Summer and J were staying. We relaxed all day, until we headed to Molly MacPherson's for the wedding eve dinner! We followed dinner up with a round of Irish Car Bombs.

Monday was the day of the wedding. The destination was a secret! None of us knew what to expect. The day kicked off with a DELICIOUS lunch and cocktails at the house. Then we got on an open air trolley and headed to the secret destination! It ended up being at Wormsloe Historic Site on the Isle of Hope peninsula. It was GORGEOUS! The ceremony was so beautiful and emotional. It was really perfect. Once they were officially husband and wife, we hopped back on the bus for more celebrating! Champagne toasts! Then we embarked on a historic tour of the city. As the drinks flowed, it became quite the party bus!

We ended the tour with dinner at The Distillery. It was an awesome celebration! Everyone was so happy and excited for Summer and J!

Tuesday was our last day in Savannah. We went to Bonaventure Cemetary, which was gorgeous. Then we walked around by the river some more, had lunch, and headed home to chill. For dinner we ordered a SMORGASBORD or pizzas and fried chicken.

Wednesday morning we hopped back in the car and headed home! Congratulations, Summer & J!

Click here to view Savannah photos!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, we all got together at Mom's house and got Casa takeout. Here's Dad modeling his new T-Shirt!

First mojitos of the season!

Baby K8 got to have a flower straw too, and she was SO proud.

We taught her about "CHEERS!" tonight! The Erlewines take CHEERS very seriously. She was a natural!

Mmm, salad.


Mom had a cake in her freezer, so we decided to eat it! We also put some candles in it and sang Happy Birthday to K8, just for fun.

And it WAS fun! She loved it!

Present time!

Baby K8 helped Mom open it!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kayla's Cinco De Mayo Enchilada Feast

Kayla's birthday is tomorrow, but since Yang and Sarah are only in town through tonight, we celebrated a night early. Since it ended up coinciding with Cinco De Mayo, Cheryl made enchiladas! Look at this HUGE bowl of guacamole!

Enchiladas and stuffed peppers!

MORE enchiladas!

I had a little bit of each.


Haha. Like father, like son.

For dessert, Jon made one of his famous chocolate cakes, and Sarah made peanut butter pie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAYLA!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Summer's Bachelorette Party

We all headed to Columbus this weekend to celebrate Summer's bacheloretteness! Maia, Rabecca, Leighanna, Summer and I had lunch at Easton, and did some shopping.

Then we headed to the hotel, where we met up with Yumi, Rose and Suzanne for primping time! We got dressed up, gave Summer some presents, then went to Elevator Brewing Company for dinner. After that, we went to Big Bang Piano Bar, and Mynt! The next morning we had North Star for breakfast. YUM.

Click here to view bachelorette photos!

Friday, May 01, 2009


Ben found some morels in the woods today!! We asked Dad if he would cook them up for us, since he is the morel expert.

The morels!

Sliced up and ready for the pan.

Fry them up in just a pat of butter.

Thanks, Dad!!