Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy 30th, Matt!

My buddy Matt turned 30 tonight! To celebrate, a bunch of us gathered at Casa. Matt was born on 3/30, at 3:30, and he turned 30 today. Isn't that CRAZY? Anyway, it definitely was an occasion for Irish Car Bombs!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Bowling Birthday, Rose!

To celebrate Rose's birthday, we headed to Rollerbowl for an awesome night of bowling!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

JR's Donut Castle/Coolville Ridge Cooldown

Last night at Purple Chopstix, Mer was suddenly struck by an incredible idea. We would leave for Parkersburg, West Virginia this morning at 7 a.m., to visit JR's Donut Castle for some freshies!

The final race of the Gravel Rouser Classic was to begin at 10, so we were hoping to get to the starting line by 9-ish to surprise the racers with the donuts. These are some of the most delicious donuts known to man.

So I picked up Mer and Michelle at 7 and our road trip began! We got to JR's and had a great time picking out donuts. And eating them. Then we piled back in the car and headed back towards Athens. As we were approaching this one car, my sister noticed that the driver had GIANT hair. She was about to comment on how she must be on her way to church when we realized she was a DRAG QUEEN! And so was her passenger! It was awesome! I paced their car so Mer could snap a picture.

Back in Athens, the racers scarfed some donuts then headed off for a couple of hours of riding. I headed back into town to do some errands, and came back to the country for the finish line festivities, and brought Rose.

It was a great prelude-to-spring sort of afternoon. We lounged around in inner tubes on the sunny hillside, with glasses of Blue Moon from the keg. Totally relaxing and nice. I can't wait for spring to get here!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Irish Car Bomb Weekend!

Last night after the Grab & Git party, I headed over to Missy's party. As soon as we got there, it was Irish Car Bomb Time! Just like at conference last year, the only available Guinness was Extra Stout, so they were a bit rough. But still delicious!

Then tonight, Mer, Summer, Michelle and I went to Purple Chopstix for dinner. Since it's BYOB, we brought ICB supplies! We also got some of the employees to do them with us! Cheers!

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for photos.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Gravel Rouser Grab & Git

What do you get when you combine the Gravel Rouser Grab & Git with Saint Patrick's Day? A SUPER FUN TIME, that's what! Check out the pictures from this awesome event.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Presenter

So in the past couple of months, Emma has started consistently leaving us presents. They usually come in the form of our dirty socks, left soggy in the cat water dish. Or, sometimes she drags them out once they're soaked and leaves them soggy for us in the middle of the kitchen floor. So we step on them. Gross.

Last night, she went into the bathroom and got this roll of toilet paper (still in the bag), and brought it out into the living room and then sat proudly beside it! Haha.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Tonight Mom and Dad had Adam, Peter and I over for dinner. I made a cake! We had steak and a baked potato and then Dad did my favorite joke. The one where he stuffs his shirt with a pillow and waits for us to notice how "full" he is. Hahahah!

Friday, March 10, 2006

ICB's at BW3's!

Today after work, the gang met up at BW3's to celebrate the fact that it was Friday. It was an exciting day because Mike had his first ever Irish Car Bomb! He was skeptical beforehand, but sure did have a second! Hooray! After that, Yumi and I drank this crazy sour $1 apple martini.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dirty 30!

This weekend was Summer's 30th Birthday celebration. We celebrated with a full weekend full of birthday fun! On Friday, Summer, Maia, Suzanne and I drove up to Columbus. We were staying the night at the Hilton at Easton, so we checked into the hotel and then went to Bar Louie for a martini. We ended up spending most of the afternoon there, having fancy drinks and appetizers.

Afterward, we did a tiny bit of shopping then went to an Irish pub for some fish and chips! Anne, Rabecca, and Heidi met up with us there. After dinner we went to the Shadowbox Cafe to see the Sex at the Box comedy show, which was NOT funny. We had a good time anyway, but we do not recommend the show. After the show we headed back to the hotel, where Yumi met up with us! We got in our fancy clothes and took a taxi to this club, Wall Street. Amy met up with us there!

This whole time, Summer was unaware that there was a surprise underway. Christine was supposed to come down for Summer's party on Saturday night, but was surprising her by coming early, and meeting us Friday night at the club! Christine and I kept in touch via text messaging, and I snuck away at the club to meet her and we went back over to where summer was an SURPRISED her! I love surprises. It was a very successful surprise.

We danced at Wall Street for a long time, then went around the corner to this other club, Fabric. It had two sections - a lounge and a dance floor. In the lounge, there were zero patrons, and on the dance floor, there were about eight. It was DEAD! We had fun anyway though. As we were leaving the doorman was like, "We promise there will be more people here next time!" And we were all like "NEXT TIME!!!! hahahahahhaha!!!!"

We went back to the hotel and crashed.

Click here for photos.

Saturday night, Summer and J had a party at their place. It was a low key event, since Friday night was the wild night. It was great, we had some beers and some serious snacks. There was chili, chips, meat balls, artichoke dip, double stuffed oreos, shrimp, cheese, s'mores, and MORE! It was an eat fest. There was also hot tub time and a fire pit. It was a fun weekend. Happy Birthday, Summer!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Family Visit and also Ping Pong

I just got a surprise visit from my family! Mom and Dad and Pete were in a meeting up at the Ridges and they stopped by to see my cube. So they posed for my web cam!

Last night I played some ping pong after working on the Gravel Rouser number plates, and I forgot how fun ping pong is. We figured out a way to play with three balls at once! We formed a pattern, sort of like juggling. We couldn't keep the balls going for very long but I bet if we practiced we could get really good! Here is a diagram. Craig would serve a ball and then as soon as I hit it to Atira, he would serve ball #2: