Friday, April 15, 2022

Cabin Hike

We headed down to Dennis' land for an afternoon hike! Ben, Dennis and Felix.

Sarah joined us! It was a beautiful day to explore the woods.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Spring Cooking Club

Tonight, Valerie hosted the first indoor cooking club since the beginning of the pandemic!!!!! The theme was spring, and needless to say we were ecstatic to gather and cook and eat! We had two special guests joining us -- Heather and Valaree! Sadly, Yumi couldn't join us because she was in recent contact with a friend who tested positive for COVID. BOOOO!! Yumi felt fine and tested negative, but the recommended five-day waiting period isn't up yet so she stayed home to quarantine. Which we appreciated but man, did we miss her!

Valerie set the table with lovely spring flowers.

Nancy started us off with a fancy gin cocktail! It had a sugar snap pea and fennel puree, lime juice, simple syrup, and gin. It was so springy!

Heather made little toasties with garlic and anchovy olive oil/butter spread with red pepper flakes and pan-roasted radishes, topped with chives, dandelion flower, and violets.

Lucy enjoyed the spectacle and hoped for a taste.

I made a spring salad, with quick-pickled rhubarb, Cara Cara oranges, pistachios, red buds, feta, and violets!

Valaree made spring rolls! SOMEBODY had to!! LOL. Aren't they gorgeous?

Served with a carrot miso ginger sauce.

Valerie made a pasta with leeks, asparagus, peas and scallops. What a treat!

Summer made a palate cleanser: honeydew sorbet with lime and black pepper. It was so tasty!

The sorbet was extra yummy with a splash of gin in it. We recommend The Botanist.

Emily made a braised lamb with creamy polenta and mint chimichurri. This was divine!

Valerie made darling little almond shortbread cookies.

Nancy also made limoncello, which paired perfectly with the shortbread cookies!

Summer also made a dessert, frozen honey mousse. This was the most honey-tasting honey-flavored treat I have ever tasted! It was SO HONEY-LICIOUS!

Will you just look at how Summer's dessert matches her jacket which perfectly matches the daffodils? She is a vision of spring!

It was absolutely fabulous to celebrate spring with the cooking club gang. We're back, baby!! (Stay away, COVID!!)

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Daffie Fest!

Every spring, we try to get together in Robin's yard to celebrate her beautiful daffodils! Today was the perfect day for it. Mom and I walked down with Felix. Sarah helped host, and they had a pile of wigs!! Don't mind if we do!!

Daffie Fest!!

Doesn't he look so handsome in those festive leis? 

Robin and Sarah had a nice spread of snacks and a pitcher of margaritas! 


Then Mer joined us!

Happy Daffie Fest!

Mer and Sarah!

Mom had to head home, so she took over the purple wig. Now it was daffie fest AND sissie fest! 

Sisters and daffodils! Daffodils and sisters! See you next year!