Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mexican Fiesta Cooking Club

Nancy hosted this month's cooking club, and we had a Mexican fiesta! Her cookmates were Summer and Valerie. Nancy kicked things off with Mexican chupacabra margaritas! Featuring fresh-squeezed blood oranges!


Nancy also made some bright, fresh tomato salsa.

Summer made these lovely avocado mousse with shrimp!

Tequila shots, of course!

Valerie made a delightful corn, black bean and avocado salad. What delicious flavors!

Summer made mushroom poblano posole verde. The hominy and pepitas were my favorite!

Nancy made Veracruz-style tuna empanadas!

And Valerie finished us up with chocoflan. Soooo rich!!! Decadent!

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Happy birthday, Vana!

It's Vana's birthday! We celebrated with a party at her house. Little Italy pizza for dinner!

Chocolately chocolate cake for dessert!

Jasper was into it.

Lighting the candles.

Make a wish, birthday girl!

Happy birthday, Vana!