Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Ben and I were very lucky to be able to spend time with both of our families this year. Round one was at Moss and Kristin's house. Moss built that table himself! It was ready just in the nick of time.

It was a fun Thanksgiving challenge for the men to haul it inside.

Here it comes!

Round of applause! We ate some appetizers and had a beer with Ben's family, and then headed to Mer and Pete's to have dinner with my family.

We've been getting our rolls from Kelsey for several years now. They're always different, and they're always DELICIOUS. The best. Look at these golden beauties!


Sugared cranberries!

Kate and Mom stirring the gravy.

Thumbs up!


Dad was on a roll carving the turkey...

...until he cut his finger!


Pete had to take over. Luckily, he's good at it too! Pete and Kate had matching cranberry outfits on.

Ready for a feast.

We had Uncle Mark AND Uncle John in town for Thanksgiving this year. What a treat!



Delicious plate of Thanksgiving yum.

Uncle Mark entertaining us with stories.


Oh yes.

The next morning, we took Uncle Mark on a post-Thanksgiving hike at Strouds! Mom joined us too! It was a beautiful day. Look at how soft and green that moss is!

Tonight we all got together again for a night at Casa! Mom, Dad and Mark wore matching flannels. Triplets! It's been so fun having the uncles in town!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cooking club: Wrapped!

Yumi hosted the November cooking club. We're still doing teams, so Yumi, Nancy and Emily cooked for Summer, Valerie and me. I've gotta say, it's pretty nice being the guest! The theme was "Wrapped," so the menu items were things that were wrapped! Nancy made baked crab rangoon. Mmm, these were great!

Nancy and Summer!

Yumi attempted to make shrimp and tofu dumplings, but they fell apart. So she scrambled it all together and called it deconstructed dumplings! They were so flavorful and delicious.

Emily made spanakopita. Classic!

Nancy made a GORGEOUS vegetable tart. Look at that!! It was delicious, too!

Yumi made a pork roll, called porchetta,and it was made with smoked eggplant sausage that she MADE HERSELF, brined pork loin and herbs rolled up in a pork belly. With roasty, crispy potatoes to go with.

Bowl of nouns!

Emily made Baked Alaska for dessert! BLOW TORCH!

Slicing in to the ice cream meringue mountain.

Mmm, cool and creamy inside!


I am definitely loving the guests version of cooking club! What a scrumptious and relaxing night.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Crosstrek chew toy

Mom and I were at Lou Thomas Subaru dealership in Parkersburg recently, and they had a giant pile of Crosstrek chew toys for dogs. The promotion was ending soon, so Lou encouraged us to take a bunch. Felix goes bonkers for toys that squeak! Look how intense.

Giving him a stuffed toy essentially means that he will tear it apart with his teeth until all of the stuffing is removed and the squeaker is released.

The Crosstrek had TWO squeakers.

Squeak! Squeak!

Slowly but surely destroying the car.

It's hard work!

Tuckered out.

Look at the destruction!

There it is! One of the squeakers has been released.


A few days later, we offered him up the withered corpse of the car, which still had one squeaker in it. Look how excited he is to tear it up again!! He's SO CUTE.