Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cherry Trees

The cherry trees are beautiful this year! Last year, the weather was pretty terrible and the trees never reached their beautiful peak. But they're back and as pretty as ever!

It's Ben's birthday, so it's pretty nice to have a lovely day to visit the trees.

Happy birthday, Ben!

That's actually Emily and Charlotte walking there behind that tree. Those little pink legs are Charlotte! I didn't realize this was them until after I took the photos!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daffie Fest 2015

It's springtime, and around these parts that means it's time to FROLIC! Robin hosted us in her beautiful yard once again for the second annual Daffie Fest! We ate snacks, drank margaritas, and frolicked in the daffodil patch.


Emily joined us this year, so the sister component was off the HOOK. Sissiefest! What a wonderful tradition.

Happy spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Public Service Announcement: Pill Cartons

This morning as I was getting ready to head to the grocery store, I developed a bit of an upset stomach. I reached into the medicine cabinet to grab a couple of Kroger brand anti-diarrheal tablets, the standard dosage of which is two.

They look like this:

What I didn't realize, and didn't figure out until almost 9 p.m. tonight, was that I ACTUALLY grabbed THIS:

Doesn't the package for those nighttime sleep aid pills look VERY similar to the ant-diarrheal pills??? The pills themselves look the same, too! LOOK!

The kicker is that the dosage for the nighttime sleep aid pills is just ONE pill, so I totally took a double dose of sleeping pills at 10:45 a.m this morning. I felt a little off (dreamy?) while grocery shopping, and then as I was driving home, I couldn't BELIEVE how tired I was. "It sure would feel good to take a little nap!" I couldn't figure out what was going on. I didn't stay up late last night! I only had two small drinks last night, it couldn't be a hangover! When I got home, Ben unloaded the groceries, while I laid on the couch for fifteen minutes. I couldn't afford to rest for longer than that though, because we had dog training that afternoon! Places to be, things to do. I was like, "Suck it UP, Kate!"

I went to dog training and felt like a zombie and was sort of worried that I was coming down with some sort of chronic fatigue illness. I had plans to walk to Casa with Mom at 5 p.m. to see the Randys play their early show. As we walked, I was telling her how TIRED I had felt all day and how I wasn't sure WHY! That I was glad we were walking because I almost didn't even feel competent to drive (red flag much?!)! And also how THIRSTY I was! I had just chugged two cans of seltzer water and was still COMPLETELY parched!! (The Kroger nighttime sleep aids are decongestants!) I started feeling marginally better during the show (it's impossible not to feel great during a Randys show!), which makes sense because the pills were finally wearing off.

When I got home from the show and was getting ready for bed, I noticed the package of pills and finally everything made sense. I laughed with relief! But whoa, what a waste of a day! The moral of the story is, pay attention to your pill cartons. Duh, right?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gravel Rouser Grab & Git City Scramble

Another March, another Gravel Rouser! Summer and I were once again stationed at a checkpoint during the Grab & Git City Scramble. This year we were at the public library, and Carl and Brad helped us out! It was nice having extra volunteers!

Pete and Kate did the Scramble on tandem!

Our checkpoint challenge was spelling bee, which was very challenging. Only a few people were able to successfully spell their word!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Boys

Love these guys!