Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pete!

Today is Pete's birthday! We had a cookout at his house to celebrate. Dad was the grill master! We had little cheeseburger sliders!

Being goofy.

Joey was his sous chef.

Cheese time!

Adding cheese is a very serious activity.


Time to dish up!

Birthday boy!

There are my lil' burgs. Plus potato salad and green beans! YUM!

After dinner, we played some cornhole.

Ty got all dressed up for the birthday fun.


Make a wish!

Mmmmmm. Look at that bad boy!!

Best ice cream cake in all the land. Delish! Happy birthday, Pete!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lori's Bachelorette Party

Lori's sister Anne & friend Carmen organized a bachelorette party for Lori this weekend. We stayed at the new Hilton Downtown Columbus, and ate dinner at the restaurant there, Gallerie Bar & Bistro. The middle of the hotel has skylights as the ceiling, and you can look down on the restaurant from the hallways above!

Angela and I split mussels for an appetizer. The bread that they served with dinner was delicious, and was AMAZING dipped into the mussels broth. If you order the mussels, DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP.

Yumi ordered the escargot, and I ate a lot of them. YUM!

I had scoped out the menus online earlier in the week, and couldn't stop thinking about the Ahi Tuna Tacos from the bar menu. I asked if it was okay to order from the bar menu, and then ordered them from memory! It was a great decision.

With a side of caramelized brussels sprouts that were sooooooo good.

Summer got the bouillabaisse!

After dinner, it was time for fun fun fun!

We went out dancing, and I gave out a lot of unicorn pegasus tattoos. Anne!








Angela and Carmen!

I don't know if I caught this girl's name, but she gave me a unipeg of my own in exchange for hers! It's a rare night where I sport one myself.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Tonight we got together at Mom and Dad's for a cookout to celebrate the Fourth of July! I made deviled eggs.

Mer and Kate made a sour cherry and peach pie!

And some baby blueberry pies!

Mer made a round of refreshing grapefruit margaritas.

Burger station.

Porch swinging!

Me & Ben.

Dad manning the grill!

Kate's senior portrait session.


Mmm. Mini burgers are the perfect size.

Mom and Dad picked up this crazy gum during their recent trip to Gettysburg. I managed to resist tasting it the last time they busted it out, but Kate suckered me into it tonight.

The beef was gross, the apple cobbler was good, and the buttered corn was AWESOME! The combination of all three in my mouth got pretty bad pretty fast.

Time for sparklers!

Kate's first sparkler experience!

Mer sparkling away!

Mother daughter sparkling.

Double sparklers!

Two Kates sparkling!

Sparkling Mom!

Passing the sparkle.

Whistle while you sparkle.

Here's some video of sparkler action and the wild porch chasing that took place once it started pouring down rain.