Sunday, July 21, 2019

G&T Cooking Club

The July cooking club was at my house, and the theme was G&T. All the dishes had to feature foods that start with the letter "G," or "T"! I started things off with a frozen Gin & Tonic cocktail. Cheers!

Valerie made a scrumptious Gruyere and Tomato Tart.

Yumi made a Grilled Green Tomato caprese appetizer!

Mmm, tomatoey!

I made Grilled Tuna salads on Greens with Grapefruit.

Valerie made a Garlicky Tagliatelle pasta side. This pasta was delightful!

For dessert, Yumi made a Ginger lemon cheesecake with Tropical fruits! Pineapple, dragon fruit, mango and  kiwis.

It was beautiful and delicious! Eating foods that feature the letters "G" and "T" is great and tasty!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ohio Brew Week 2019

Ohio Brew Week 2019 was amazing! Here are some of my highlights. Sunday we went to Devil's Kettle for Sour Sunday. We enjoyed a flight of sour beers and some euchre!

Monday night was the Keg Tapping Ceremony at Jackie O's. Sparbock, cheers!

After that, Michele and I headed to Casa so she could taste one of my favorite beers from Brew Week (I tried it Saturday night at Casa), Mad Tree Brewing's Joon. It's a gin-barrel-aged K├Âlsch.

Tuesday night was a Planned Parenthood Bingo Benefit at Cider House, and also, Abby's birthday! Happy birthday, Abby!

We enjoyed another of my Brew Week favorites, Urban Artifact's Fire Iron. a tart ale with 1,500 pounds of pink guava, 500 pounds of banana, and 400 pounds of passion fruit per 30bbl batch!!! So good.

I won the first game of bingo!!!! I won a Cider House t-shirt. Yay!

Wednesday night was the Top Deck Dinner. It's supposed to be on the very top floor of the parking garage, but a forecast of storms had us on the deck below. We enjoyed Jackie O's Brewery beers and delicious foods by Oliver Farms.

Vana modeling Ben's glasses!

Jumbo herb-crusted shrimp with Cajun BBQ sauce, mango salsa, and grilled pineapple with rum glaze.


Those clouds!

Enjoying the temporary beautiful weather on top of the parking garage.

That sky!

Big skies and blue mascara.

The second course was paired with Jackie O's Cucumber Ginger Perpetum sour. Which basically tastes like pickles (sour cukes!). Not everyone loves it. But I do! I had the pleasure of finishing quite a few from our table.

Drunken smoked chicken lollipops with Caribbean pepper sauce, fried red & green cabbage, Oliver Farms pork belly, tamarind glaze.

Low and slow Oliver Farms spiced brisket with chilled watermelon plank, raspberry red wine demi-glace and a smoke gouda, potato and chive potato pie.

Sure enough, the skies opened up and it started storming! The rain water was streaming down the ramps of the parking garage, and Dad was pretending to be stranded on that yellow curb. He was yelling “Help!” He is hilarious.

Bavarian salted caramel chocolate pretzel torte with a lager vanilla sauce. Paired with Blackfalls, a collaboration between Jackie O's Brewery and Burial Beer Co. So good!

Friday night was the Brew BQ. It was HOT.


And finally, Last Call on Sunday! I joined the Brew Week board this year, and one of the board member duties is to do a shift collecting beer tokens during this event. It was fun!

Happy Brew Week!

I got to hang out with Abby after my shift!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Cabin Weekend plus Brew Choo Choo

This year, our annual college ladies cabin weekend happened to be the same weekend that Ohio Brew Week kicked off. Genius! Our cabin was in Nelsonville, which is where the Brew Choo Choo embarked on Friday night. What a great activity for ladies weekend! TOOT TOOT!

The Brew Choo Choo featured 50 West brewing company, which is great because I love 50 West!


Kara and Emily.

Me and Anne.

Jenny! And the conductor.

Coast to Coast! One of my favorite IPAs.

Toot toot!

Jenny! And the conductor.

We kept riding past fields with frolicking animals. Look at that frolicking deer!


Unicorn Pegasus time!

That's Del Hall, director of sales at 50 West. Also known as the guy who lost over 40 pounds by giving up beer for lent! #FAMOUS

These Brew Week cookies were delicious, but Kara was not a fan.

This is Monica! She was a stranger at the beginning of the ride, but a friend by the end. Toot toot!

This sign was hanging in our cabin. LOL. Four trees.

Saturday afternoon we headed into Athens. We checked out First Call, a new Brew Week event! Beers on the street outside of Casa.

Then we went to Casa for dinner, naturally!

I love these ladies!

After dinner, we headed back to the cabin for our traditional glitter cocktails. Mmm, sparkles.

Our activity for the night was a scientific alcoholic seltzer taste test. Seltz-Off!

We were very scientific about it. For science!

I was in charge of data entry.

Here is a link to the results.

I'm already looking forward to next summer!