Sunday, May 29, 2022

Michigan Girls' Weekend

This weekend, we took a girls' trip to Michigan! We headed to Northville on Friday afternoon, and when we arrived, Rabecca greeted us with a fresh mushroom galette and some champagne.


We got to meet Leighanna's new baby Arwin!

Maia and Arwin.

We headed into the neighborhood for small plates at Lucy and the Wolf.

It was so so so good to see everyone!!

After dinner, we walked across the street to Toria for more small plates and some fancy cocktails.

All the drinks were so delicate and beautiful!


Julien and Yumi!




Amanda and Leighanna!

We headed back to Leighanna's after dinner for dancing and darts.


Summer and Rabecca were cracking us up with their dance moves!

Rabecca's family has a BUNNY! I loooove bunnies!

Yumi and the bun bun.

From bunny to baby!

We took a soak in the hot tub!

Maia and I had matching swimsuits. TWINS!

Leighanna and Arwin!

We walked into town to do some afternoon shopping.



We had lunch at Garage Grill & Fuel Bar, and I got an amazing fried chicken sandwich. Yum!!

That evening we went into Detroit, where we had a reservation at Bad Luck Bar. It's this tiny little speakeasy cocktail bar with SUPER FANCY drinks.

The drink was on fire!!

Each drink had super fancy details and components. That is a lemon peel with BAD LUCK branded on it!

Yumi's drink came with a tarot card, and when she lifted the card, aromatic smoke filled the air.

This one came topped with a pizelle! One of the drinks came rimmed with popping candy.


This was a very special experience and the drinks were incredible.

In the alley outside Bad Luck Bar.

Later that evening we went to The Monarch Club.

We got fancy cocktails and enjoyed them on the rooftop bar!

Beautiful views of the city.


Yumi and Summer!

Maia and Yumi!

Rabecca and me!

This morning we had to head back to Ohio, but first we took a leisurely stroll through Rabecca's neighborhood.

We explored Mill Race Village, and found this barn with a beautiful flower decoration on the side! We figured it was probably leftover from a wedding. 

Check out this adorable house! I love their orange 444 house number! My favorite number and my favorite color! I wonder who lives there.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Bibimbap Cooking Club

Yumi hosted cooking club this month, and the theme was bibimbap! The theme was a surprise though! Summer, Yumi and I were the cooks this month, and we just told everyone to bring a big bowl. Meanwhile, we prepared all the fixings for a delicious bibimbap. Yumi made bulgogi (marinated Korean beef) rice and kimchi, and Summer and I made lots of veggie sides -- carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts and scallion salad!

The idea was that we would put all our fixings in the bowls that we brought, mix it all up and enjoy!

We decided to use regular dinner bowls though, so that the presentation would be prettier. Yumi fried eggs to perfection to top each bowl!


The dinner was scrumptious, and afterward we spent some time on the deck enjoying the evening.

Cheers! Thanks for hosting, Yumi!