Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kayla's bridal shower

Today was Kayla's bridal shower! We reserved the upstairs section of Athens Uncorked for the party.

We all pitched in and made a ton of food. I think Vana's tofu sandwiches were my favorite thing!


Don't forget sweet treats!

Alicia modeling the beautiful flowers.


Kayla and Cheryl!

Kayla and Mer!

Kayla and Jon!

Kayla and Kristin!

Nancy made a game called Bra Pong. I love aiming games, so this was right up my alley. Just toss the ping pong ball into the bras! Different points for different cup sizes.


Another set of sisters!

Kristin and Mer.


Moms and daughters!

I surprised Kayla with The Newlyweds Game. Ben and I came up with a bunch of questions to ask Derrick, videotaped it, and then challenged Kayla to see how many answers she could get that matched his. She had to chew a piece of gum for every answer she missed.

She did great! That was the grand total of all the gum that she had to choose. They know each other well!


Jon tsking Kayla for drinking from the bottle.

Kayla tsking Jon for drinking from the bottle!

Stacia, Kayla and Sierra.

It was a lovely shower! Congratulations, Kayla! Now we just wait for the big day...

Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy birthday, Pete!

We gathered tonight to celebrate Pete's birthday! It's a little early, because they're leaving on a camping trip and will be out of town on his actual birthday. We had a pizza party at Mer, Pete and Kate's house!

Felix really wanted some of that pizza crust. Dad gave him a small piece in exchange for some handshakes!



Make a wish...

Ta da!!!

Happy birthday, Pete! I hope it's an awesome year!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tostitos Spash of Lime salsa

I'm on an online product review panel where they send you coupons for free products, and ask you to review them. I recently received a free jar of Tostitos Splash of Lime salsa. The challenge was for me to bring it to a party with friends and take photos of us enjoying the salsa. Rabecca and Leighanna were in town, so Summer had some friends over to hang out. What a perfect opportunity!


The salsa was actually totally disgusting. Sorry, Tostitos.

Tastes like chemicals!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lake Hope: Bike race and hummingbirds

Little Kate was in a bike race at Lake Hope this morning, so Mom and I went out there to see her ride! And to eat brunch afterward, mmm.

Go, Kate, go!

Finish line!

Athens Bicycle family!

Kate won second place! Congratulations, Kate!

All the finishers!

After brunch, we stopped by the hummingbird feeding station. They give you a little feeder, and the hummingbirds swoop right up to you to drink the nectar!

So cool!