Monday, July 31, 2023

Happy Birthday, Pete!

Happy Birthday, Pete! We gathered at Mom and Dad's to celebrate. Cheeseburgers for dinner!

Make a wish!

Yum! Here's to a great year!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Nelsonville Music Festival 2023

It's Nelsonville Music Fest weekend! The happiest weekend on earth! The weather was gorgeous. Day #1!

Let the fun begin!

Meridian Brothers on the Porch Stage.

Kurt Vile and the Violators on the Snow Fork Stage.

Lido Pimienta on the Porch Stage.

Lido Pimienta.

Day #2! Matching rainbow nails are now officially an NMF tradition.


Yumi and Lori!

This girl's outfit was amazing.

Jupiter & Okwess. This band was FUN!!

They invited ladies from the crowd to get up on stage and dance with them and so many did!! It was a very energetic performance.


Day #3!



Matching dresses AND matching earrings! Living the dream.

Jupiter and Okies played again today. So much fun!

Of course we took several euchre breaks throughout the weekend.

Dancing to Jupiter and Okwess.

Big Thief.

Emily and me!


Thursday, July 20, 2023

Swan Boats 🦢

These swan boats appeared at Strouds Run Lake this summer and I have been totally mesmerized by them! They're so majestic, and they make the lake feel more magical when we're out paddleboarding. There is a white swan with a black beak, and a black swan with an orange beak.

I have always kind of wanted to try one, but I never have because I would always rather paddleboard. But today we had a work party at Strouds Run, and one of the activities was boat rental!!! Now was my chance!! Sarah and Jenn were game to try it with me!

It was really cool! It was WAY harder than I expected. We got tired!

I'm definitely glad I finally got to try the swan boat. Yay! Bucket list ✅

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ohio Brew Week 2023

Happy Ohio Brew Week!! The week kicked off with First Call on the first Friday. Two of our favorite local DJs, DJ Barticus and Muchi Nochi, played music on the street! I met up with Sarah, Heather and Mario to enjoy some brews and tunes.


Then of course, Wednesday was my favorite Brew Week event, Top Deck Dinner!

Another delicious evening of food from Cutler's Restaurant paired with brews from Jackie O's! The first course was a spinach salad with goat cheese stuffed grilled strawberries and almonds, with Jackie O’s Gose vinagrette. Paired with Apricot Vanilla Perpetum sour ale.

The second course was a chili crisp grilled cheese with local gazpacho, on wild sourdough with wheat from the chef’s garden and Snowville white cheddar. Paired with Piazza pilsner.

We made room for more courses by taking a picture break!

Love these ladies!

We love Top Deck Dinner!

Group photo!

The Ohio Brew Week board of directors!

What a view!

Course three was 36-hour sous vide smoked beef tongue tacos, paired with fan favorite Chomolungma.

The fourth course was a Nashville hot chicken thigh with koolaid pickles and pickled onion on a house biscuit, paired with Mystic Mama IPA.

Dessert was a “dirty” tres leches cake with coffee whipped cream paired with Horchata Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln. Everything was over the top delicious!!

On Friday night, Abby and I volunteered pouring beer at the Brew BQ. We had a blast!

And then Saturday was Last Call. It was rainy but that didn't stop us from having fun!

We were sad because Sarah F. was supposed to join us and she was taking too long! We sent her this photo in hopes of getting her to hurry up. She arrived shortly thereafter.

It was a great crowd!

Sarah and Sarah and I went to Mucho Funky at Casa after Last Call, to see Neal spin!

We normally don't go out very late, so you can tell that we are proud of ourselves and excited to be there.

Look! There's Muchi Nochi!

And that's a wrap on another super fun Brew Week. Til next year!