Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My parents hosted a birthday dinner for me! Dad was grill master!

Mmm, chicken kebabs!


Mom, Mer and I recently went on a shopping trip to Columbus, and they had the cutest stuff at Loft! We each got a different shirt with hearts on it there. Since I love matching outfits, I requested that we all wear our new tops to my birthday dinner! YAY! TRIPLETS!!!!!!!

Hanging in the kitchen before we dish up!

Mmm! Mer made two delicious sides: farro tabbouleh and sweet potato salad.

Ben brought punch balloons! Kate loved them.


Larry's Dawg House ice cream cake!

That's what I'm talking about.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Moss's Birthday Bowling Party

Moss had a Bowling and Pizza birthday party at Rollerbowl!

Yang and Moss!

Captain Egg Fart's turn! I'm the "S" (Sparkling Cupcake) -- check it out, I'm WINNING!!!!

There goes Captain Egg Fart! (a.k.a. Dennis)


Since my birthday is tomorrow, I was invited to help blow out candles. Cassie brought cheesecake bites! It looks like I am doing competitive candle blowing or something. WIN WIN WIN!

Yang uses the same technique for bowling as he does for cornhole.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Visiting Angela

Yumi, Summer, Lori and I headed to Cleveland this weekend to visit Angela! I had never met her dog Louie before. He was SO handsome and BIG!!!

I was so happy to see Scout again. I LOVE Scout. This dog is just the sweetest, most polite and gentle guy. He reminds me SO much of Charlie. Look at him sleeping!!! So tired!

We hung around the house chatting for awhile, and then we went to the Bottlehouse Brewing Company to play some Five Crowns and have some cocktails!

I had a Back Mission Fig Manhattan and it was DELICIOUS.

For dinner we headed to Crop Bistro. The building was so cool! Look at those tall ceilings!

I had a beet salad to start.

And summer corn ravioli with shrimp in a lobster broth for dinner! Yum. I forgot to take a picture of dessert, which is a bummer because it totally hit the spot. It was called the Inverted S'more and it had: Graham Cracker Ice Cream, Chocolate Marshmallow, Cocoa Nibs, Honey Crisp. I love marshmallows so much!

Lori and Angela are both pregnant!!! Exciting! Look at how CUTE they are!

So I just could not stop myself from taking a million pictures of Scout. Look at how SOFT and NICE!!!

Aw, Scout in the sunshine.

It was so great to see Angela and hang out in Cleveland for a night!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pawpaw Fest 2014

Ben and I headed out to Pawpaw Fest this afternoon for a little fun in the sun! We enjoyed some delicious Pawpaw Beer.

Dennis brought the Electrocycle this year!

I gave Tim a unicorn pegasus!

We enjoyed Burrito Buggy down by the lake.

Burrito Buggy Athens Ohio

Beautiful Lake Snowden!

Pawpaw smooch!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dad's 70th Birthday!

Today is Dad's 70th birthday!! Obviously that is an occasion worth celebrating, so we threw a party at Purple Chopstix.

The weather was great, and we had appetizers on the patio!

Birthday boy!

Mini burritos, pinwheels, greek pizza, stuffed mushrooms, and artichoke dip. MMM!

Just some Millers eatin' some burritos! What else is new?

Kate wanted Grandpa to join her at the special bridge table.


Speaking of the bridge, LOOK at this frog that was sitting underneath it in the creek!! He sat very still for HOURS. We were curious if maybe he was fake, but he was real. He was HUMONGOUS.


Like auntie, like niece!

These Kates sure do like to dress up!

We hung out on the new deck across the creek. Looking back at the party!


Kate had one of those ice cream cone foam ball shooter toys, and BOY did she think it was hilarious!!!

Time for dinner!


Kate lucked out and got to sit at a special table with Grandpa AGAIN!!


The Rettos!

Mer gave a little toast for dad which QUICKLY turned into Dad giving a speech!!

Speech, speech, speech!

Oh, shucks, there goes that hilarious ice cream ball again!!


Happy birthday to DAD!

Wish time!

Cherri and Missy joined dad for some cake!

Everyone was having so much fun that it was hard to leave! We lingered on the patio for awhile. And then Moss showed up!!

 Happy birthday, Dad!! We love you!