Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dad's 70th Birthday!

Today is Dad's 70th birthday!! Obviously that is an occasion worth celebrating, so we threw a party at Purple Chopstix.

The weather was great, and we had appetizers on the patio!

Birthday boy!

Mini burritos, pinwheels, greek pizza, stuffed mushrooms, and artichoke dip. MMM!

Just some Millers eatin' some burritos! What else is new?

Kate wanted Grandpa to join her at the special bridge table.


Speaking of the bridge, LOOK at this frog that was sitting underneath it in the creek!! He sat very still for HOURS. We were curious if maybe he was fake, but he was real. He was HUMONGOUS.


Like auntie, like niece!

These Kates sure do like to dress up!

We hung out on the new deck across the creek. Looking back at the party!


Kate had one of those ice cream cone foam ball shooter toys, and BOY did she think it was hilarious!!!

Time for dinner!


Kate lucked out and got to sit at a special table with Grandpa AGAIN!!


The Rettos!

Mer gave a little toast for dad which QUICKLY turned into Dad giving a speech!!

Speech, speech, speech!

Oh, shucks, there goes that hilarious ice cream ball again!!


Happy birthday to DAD!

Wish time!

Cherri and Missy joined dad for some cake!

Everyone was having so much fun that it was hard to leave! We lingered on the patio for awhile. And then Moss showed up!!

 Happy birthday, Dad!! We love you!

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