Monday, October 28, 2002

Kicked Out of the Wilco Concert

Wow. The weekend FLEW by! Friday night I didn't do much of everything. I was taking it easy because I knew that I had a big day ahead on Saturday. Saturday morning I left for Columbus at around 10:30, with Rabecca and Summer. We met Leighanna and her two friends at Fridays for lunch. Jenny Wray met us there too! Mmm. I had a gardenburger. Afterwards we went to the mall, and shopped ALL DAY. I was good and didn't buy too much.

The Wilco concert started at 7, so we headed there around 6 PM. We got ready in the car, and went to the restaurant next door to the concert for some chips, salsa, and margaritas. Then we saw Wilco! They were awesome. Right before the end of the concert, Summer and I decided to go to the car and put our bunny suits on. We ran back to the PromoWest Pavillion, and ran back in to meet Leighanna and Rabecca. But we didn't get very far, because we got KICKED OUT!! Apparently, there is no re-entry at the Promowest. Whoops. So we got dragged out by the scruffs of our bunny necks, to our protests of "But you can't kick us out!!! We're BUNNIES!!!!" He didn't care. It didn't matter because the concert was almost over anyway. So we hung out near the exit doors, and entertained the masses on their way out of the concert. We danced around for them. Some people really liked us, and other people were not amused. But I would say the majority of people were happy to see us.

After the concert, we went to Summer's boyfriend's friend's Halloween party. On our way, we went through Taco Bell. I went with Rabecca, and Leighanna went with Summer. In the drivethrough, Rabecca and I tried to convince the drivethrough guys that we should get free food, since there was a BUNNY in the car. They didn't give us any free food, but they gave us a free drink!! It was a BIG free drink, too.

The Halloween party was pretty fun. There were some really cool costumes! There were a lot of creepy costumes. There was a creepy Oomaloopma, and a creepy dracula. Oh, there was another bunny there but it was the kind that you RENT, and it had one of those huge heads where you can't see the person's face. I kept telling him he was creepy and that ours were better because we made them. Oops that wasn't very nice. But it WAS a creepy bunny. And he responded to us calling him creepy by going and getting a big kinfe. See? CREEPY!!! Oh and there was somebody totally decked out as Spongebob Squarepants. Now HE was CREEEEEPY. I screamed and ran away. Spongebob is scary. We hung out for quite awhile, then we were exhausted. We all went to sleep in one room. Leighanna, Summer, and I were on the bed, and J and Rabecca were on the couch. I woke up with some serious cramps in my neck! I think we all did.

We went to Bob Evans for breakfast the next morning. I swear it took FOREVER for our turn to come!!! They told us "15 minutes," and it took like 45 minutes. Eventually Leighanna went in to see if we were coming up soon and the lady told her we were next. However, at LEAST 10 more people got called before we did after she told us that. When we finally got called, we walked past the announcer lady's podium and I heard her telling somebody, "You're next on the list!" And I wanted to scream "Don't listen to her!! She LIES!!" But I was too hungry. After dinner we drove back to Athens, and when I got home I did nothing but lay around and watch TV all night. It was nice. The reeeeally long Stephen King-directed version of The Shining was on (it's like 6 hours!), so I watched the last half of that. It's pretty cool, but the little kid is SO annoying in it. Ick.

Thursday, October 24, 2002


Oops I have GOT to go to SLEEP! I went out tonight though. Tab Benoit, a famous blues guitarist from New Orleans was in town tonight, playing at the Blue Gator. My hairdresser Pat has been telling me about him for AGES. She recommended I find him when I went to New Orleans this summer but I never got around to it. So I went with my friend Debbie tonight. He was great! It was fun. Except I'm always so tired on work nights. So I need to go to bed NOW! I've been pretty good this week about going to bed early.

Today I got my hair done! I got some really fun highlights. Pat had just been to a conference and learned some fun new dying and cutting tricks. Here's a pic of my new hair. Very red and very blonde. I love it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I Went Running Today?

Yay. I fixed the time on my computer so it's the correct half of the day. Eeek this weekend is Daylight Savings Time! Sunday morning. Yep. So Summer and I finished our bunny suits two nights ago! We added lining to the insides, and secured the tails tightly. Wheee! I can't wait for the Halloween party this Saturday night. Should be fun.

A couple of nights ago, I had the greatest dream. I've been having lots of very complicated dreams recently, and this night was no exception, but there is just one moment that I remember completely clearly. I went to somebody's house to drop something off or pick something up and there was a baby giraffe in the side yard. Except, it wasn't your ordinary baby giraffe. It was the size of a KITTEN. It was SOOOOO cute. It was running around and it let me pet it for a little while then it got scared and ran inside and peeked out at me from the window. It was amazing. I love it when dreams create something so beautiful, something that you would never be able to see in real life.

Speaking of real life, I went running today. ?????????? I NEVER go running. Ever. But I kind of liked it! So maybe this will be a new thing. Who knows. Adam went with me because I was self conscious that I would have horrible form. We ran on the track. He said my form was fine! But I'm telling you, my front thighs are KILLING ME. owowowowowow.

Now I think I will play piano for a bit.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Bunny Wunnies

I wish it wasn't 11:25 PM because I should be in bed. Very very soon though... So I've been sick the past couple of days. I had to take off work. I had a fever, head cold, etc. It wasn't much fun. Bah. But I had a nice weekend! Friday night I cooked Yellow Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes. It was AWESOME. So that dinner was awesome, I cooked it for Adam, Summer, and Jason. Unfortunately, I underestimated how complicated it was, and I was at least an hour late serving my guests. Oh well. I'm making it again this Friday, except this time I'm going to do most of the big work the night before. Whew! Adam's friend Marc is coming into town so It'll be Adam, Marc and I eating it this time. Mmm...

After that, Jason, Summer and I carved pumpkins. I made a cat. Summer made a fancy pattern with leaves and little faces, and Jason made a desert scene. It was REALLY cool. Maybe I can get him to get some pictures of it. Summer went home after pumpkin carving, and Jason and I played this VH1 Pop Up Video game that my aunt gave my mom to give to me, apparently my cousin left it behind when he moved to Texas. It was pretty fun.

Saturday is when Summer and I were embarking on our costume adventure. We decided we were going to be bunnies for Halloween. So we went to the fabric store at eleven o'clock Saturday morning. We bought all the materials we needed, and drove out to her house to get to work. We spent 10 hours on Saturday working on them. I took a break at one point to whip up some chili and cornbread, while Summer continued to sew. We got a LOT done. That night, Jason and I went uptown at midnight. It was homecoming, so there were a bazillion people in town. We ran into some friends at Tony's and hung out with them. Afterwards I decided to host an impromptu afterhours party. It was just the Jason, me, and the four people we met up with at Tony's, and it only lasted about 45 minutes. But it was fun!

Sunday I went out to Summer's at one to work on the costumes some more. Six hours later, we were DONE!!! They look AWESOME. Mine is light gray and Summer's is dark gray.

There are only a couple last minute things we need to perfect, such as making the tails stay on better, and adding lining to the entire costume. Right now only the hood has lining. Summer is in Vegas right now, but she's coming back on Saturday, and on Sunday we're going to do the finishing touches. Of COURSE, I will post more pictures, when I have pictures of both us us, and pictures of us with some face paint on and stuff.

Eeeek I'm excited because this Saturday I get to go to a WEINER ROAST!! It's a work thing, and it's going to be FUN. There will be so much awesome food there, and I can't wait to pig out! I loooove fall.

Oh, I have a new picture to show! In early September, a friend of a family friend drove into Athens from Chicago. She has hand-beaded and decorated her entire car, as a tribute to her father! My whole family was out in the yard, staring. It was unbelievable. There were a million different cool things to look at. My uncle took a bunch of pictures of it.

Monday, October 07, 2002

August Through September

It's ALIVE! My website has come back to life!!!

Hmmm. You'll probably notice that if you click on "back", you go to July, when it would make more sense to go to September. Well, the reality of the situation is that I haven't updated this thing since July. Shame on me!! Oh well. Maybe later I'll do some sort of "recap" for months where I never wrote. Or maybe I won't.

Well, it's Monday. This was a pretty fun weekend! Friday night, Adam and I drove to Belpre for our friend's birthday party. His wife got him a surprise - a limo to drive us around for the night! But it wasn't to arrive until 10 PM, so we hung out from 7-10. Rabecca (the host) and various other helpers had cooked a Mexican Feast. It was delicious. Chad (the birthday boy) made one of his infamous punches. His punch is always delicious!

So at 10 PM, the "limo" arrived. Turns out the guy decided to bring a short bus instead! It was like a mini tour bus or something. The seats were like couches and went around the perimeter of the bus. The middle section (the floor) was taken up by the various coolers that we brought. It's actually a lot better that the guy brought this bus thing, because there were 18 of us, and we wouldn't have all fit inside the limo!! It was pretty crowded in the bus, but it was FUN! When I get pics, I'll post them.

The limo/bus drove us around to various bars, from Marietta to Parkersburg. It was tons of fun. At the end of the night it drove us home and we stood around and snacked on leftovers! Wheee! Saturday night we were all a bit tired from Friday night. Summer and I were supposed to meet Jason to see Sweet Home Alabama, but he thought we meant Movies 10, and we went to The Athena, so we didn't quite all get to see it together. I even smuggled in some popcorn for Jason! I don't really like movie popcorn, so I microwaved my own at home and separated it into little bags for Summer, Jason and I (just call me Martha Stewart!), and snuck them in. Since Jason wasn't there, I got to eat his portion! Cha ching! That night, Summer, Jason and I went out to Summer's friend Myron's bonfire party. I guess he usually has a couple a year, and Summer had no idea if it was going to be big or small.

Well, it was BIG! "Parking" was in the field, there was a huge bonfire, a band, and a PORTA POTTY! That PROVES it's a big party. We stayed there until about midnight then went home. Sunday night, my parents cooked a turkey dinner! YUM! That was a nice surprise. Mmm.

So that's it for this weekend. Let's see, what happened in August and September that's worth mentioning...

In August, I went on two vacations! Vacation #1 was with Adam, we flew to Atlanta to hang out with some of our friends. Atlanta was a neat place! We had a good time. Except Adam and I were playing catch-the-tennis-ball in a pool, and at one point, the ball came HURTLING down from above, and stoved my finger!! It swelled up and got bruised. And the sad part is that it STILL HURTS! Not constantly, but if I bend it wrong. And it's kind of achey tonight. Maybe that's because it's getting cold outside. There's a frost advisory for tonight! I wonder if I'm going to become one of those people who have a body part that aches according to the weather. That would be kind of neat...

My second vacation was to Los Angeles to visit Jason! My other friend Amanda met us there also. That was really convenient, because now she is in Africa w/ Peace Corps for the next 2 years and 3 months! So Jason and I got to both hang out with her before she left. It was a fun trip. We did all the usual stuff, like visit Hollywood, Santa Monica, Melrose Avenue, 90210, Chinatown, etc. I have some pictures, hopefully I'll get around to posting some soon.

September was the greatest month ever because it was MY BIRTHDAY! I like to make my birthday last, and considering my present from Beth (my almost-birthday-twin, mine is the 23 hers is the 21) arrived today, that means my birthday lasted for WEEKS! Thanks, Beth! You rule! It was a special birthday because it was my "Golden Birthday," meaning I turn my age on the date. I turned 23 on the 23rd. Yay! A bunch of my friends (15 total) all met at Lui Lui's for dinner. We hung out there for a long time, eating and drinking wine. Then we met up at my house for a small party. There was foosball, darts, and BIRTHDAY CAKE! After awhile, we all headed uptown. It was a fun night. September is also Dad's birthday month - Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Let's see, something fun that happened in late July was Summer's slip and slide party. It was AWESOME. The slide was really wide, and 100 FEET LONG! And there was even a LANDING POOL at the bottom!!! It was sooooo fast. After just sliding down began to lose its novelty, we all began sliding to the bottom and then racing each other up. Considering the fact that we were also pouring baby oil down the slide, this was a nearly impossible feat! Needless to say, we were covered in bruises the next day. It was definitely worth it though. I have pictures of that too.

Well, I think that's enough updating for tonight. I'll do better with updating this time around, I promise.