Monday, October 28, 2002

Kicked Out of the Wilco Concert

Wow. The weekend FLEW by! Friday night I didn't do much of everything. I was taking it easy because I knew that I had a big day ahead on Saturday. Saturday morning I left for Columbus at around 10:30, with Rabecca and Summer. We met Leighanna and her two friends at Fridays for lunch. Jenny Wray met us there too! Mmm. I had a gardenburger. Afterwards we went to the mall, and shopped ALL DAY. I was good and didn't buy too much.

The Wilco concert started at 7, so we headed there around 6 PM. We got ready in the car, and went to the restaurant next door to the concert for some chips, salsa, and margaritas. Then we saw Wilco! They were awesome. Right before the end of the concert, Summer and I decided to go to the car and put our bunny suits on. We ran back to the PromoWest Pavillion, and ran back in to meet Leighanna and Rabecca. But we didn't get very far, because we got KICKED OUT!! Apparently, there is no re-entry at the Promowest. Whoops. So we got dragged out by the scruffs of our bunny necks, to our protests of "But you can't kick us out!!! We're BUNNIES!!!!" He didn't care. It didn't matter because the concert was almost over anyway. So we hung out near the exit doors, and entertained the masses on their way out of the concert. We danced around for them. Some people really liked us, and other people were not amused. But I would say the majority of people were happy to see us.

After the concert, we went to Summer's boyfriend's friend's Halloween party. On our way, we went through Taco Bell. I went with Rabecca, and Leighanna went with Summer. In the drivethrough, Rabecca and I tried to convince the drivethrough guys that we should get free food, since there was a BUNNY in the car. They didn't give us any free food, but they gave us a free drink!! It was a BIG free drink, too.

The Halloween party was pretty fun. There were some really cool costumes! There were a lot of creepy costumes. There was a creepy Oomaloopma, and a creepy dracula. Oh, there was another bunny there but it was the kind that you RENT, and it had one of those huge heads where you can't see the person's face. I kept telling him he was creepy and that ours were better because we made them. Oops that wasn't very nice. But it WAS a creepy bunny. And he responded to us calling him creepy by going and getting a big kinfe. See? CREEPY!!! Oh and there was somebody totally decked out as Spongebob Squarepants. Now HE was CREEEEEPY. I screamed and ran away. Spongebob is scary. We hung out for quite awhile, then we were exhausted. We all went to sleep in one room. Leighanna, Summer, and I were on the bed, and J and Rabecca were on the couch. I woke up with some serious cramps in my neck! I think we all did.

We went to Bob Evans for breakfast the next morning. I swear it took FOREVER for our turn to come!!! They told us "15 minutes," and it took like 45 minutes. Eventually Leighanna went in to see if we were coming up soon and the lady told her we were next. However, at LEAST 10 more people got called before we did after she told us that. When we finally got called, we walked past the announcer lady's podium and I heard her telling somebody, "You're next on the list!" And I wanted to scream "Don't listen to her!! She LIES!!" But I was too hungry. After dinner we drove back to Athens, and when I got home I did nothing but lay around and watch TV all night. It was nice. The reeeeally long Stephen King-directed version of The Shining was on (it's like 6 hours!), so I watched the last half of that. It's pretty cool, but the little kid is SO annoying in it. Ick.

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