Saturday, October 29, 2016


This afternoon, we headed out to Dennis's cabin to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon! We took Felix and Rita on a big hike.

A new cabin being built on the land!

Then we ate burritos and drank wine. I was too busy gobbling and guzzling to snap any photos. Happy Halloween Weekend!

Halloween Pack Walk

Pack Walk got together this morning for a Halloween Weekend pack walk! Court Street is closed off for Uptown Halloween, so we had the street to ourselves. Summer dressed as Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. Ben, the dogs, and I dressed as Bears players.

Good dogs!


Hot dog!

We're off.

Love that lion!

It was so fun having Court Street to ourselves!


Aunt Sue and Ben!


Aunt Sue with Bella and Sadie.

Group photo in front of the armory.

Brisby and Milo.

Can't get enough of that lion!

Bailey was dressed as a Bengals player. Who Dey!?


Court Street photo shoot.

Back up Court Street.

Now down to Baker Center!

The Bears!

Sadie (pink tutu) kept losing tufts of tulle as we walked along, so we joked that she was a Walk of Shame dog. Hot mess from the night before!


Oh, Brisby. Those eyes.


To the College Green!

The Green is so pretty in the early morning.

Another Court Street lap!

Collecting donations for Friends of the Shelter Dogs. This woman was verklempt!

A Christmas present!

"Da Bears!"

Hello, lion.