Sunday, April 18, 2021

Unicorn Batik

My Grandmother Erlewine was an artist, and one of her favorite mediums was batik. Everyone in the family has several batiks hung on the walls in their homes! Recently, my cousins and I were having a discussion on Facebook where we were sharing pictures of the batiks we have, and my cousin Ravyn revealed that she had a UNICORN batik!!!!! I didn't even know that Grandma ever made unicorn batiks, and unicorns are my favorite!!!!

It turns out that Ravyn actually had TWO of this particular orange (my favorite color!!!) unicorn batik, and she generously offered to give me one! I was beyond overjoyed!! She mailed it to me, and the first thing I did was get it steamed at the dry cleaner's.

A lovely note from Ravyn.

Next, I took it to the framing store to get it framed!

And then I hung it in my home! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have discovered this new very special piece of art by my Grandma. Thank you, Ravyn!!

Friday, April 09, 2021

Good Dogs! Plus Porch Breakfast

This photo is from earlier in the week. Little Kate and I walked Felix and Lucy to the daffodil patch. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY AND CUTE THEY ARE!! They are really really good dogs.

And then this morning, we walked them to Mom and Dad's house. Dad made us one of his famous porch breakfasts, and the dogs did some tricks for treats!


Mmm! Dad makes the best breakfasts. OOPS, it looks like the cap to the hot sauce is on top of my eggs!! Better not eat that.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Mer, Pete and Kate got a Solo Stove too! Theirs is the medium size, which is better for a bit bigger of a family. It's so shiny and new!

It was a perfect day to gather around the fire.


We made a springy meal in honor of Easter. I made this salad with fresh violets.

Mer made turkey pot pies with dill crust! Our family's secret recipe! YUM.


Springy and delicious.

Little Kate made a cake, too!

Super delicious. Happy Easter, everyone!