Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We gathered at Mer, Pete and Kate's. Look at Felix and Lucy being SO GOOD!!!

Cheers! Fairytale of New York, our favorite holiday beverage. I was in charge of orange rind garnish and peeled the skin off my thumb! It hurt but I think I finally learned how to peel an orange (and how NOT to peel an orange!).


Look at those dogs hovering.


We found this old drawing that I did of Mom and Dad's house! From back when we had Tyler! There's Tyler out in the yard. And Dad is grilling something on the front porch!

Time to eat!

Yum. Everything was so delicious.

Pie time! We had four kinds. Pecan:




All together now!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy 14th Birthday, Little Kate!

Today we gathered at Mom and Dad's to celebrate Little Kate's fourteenth birthday! We had quesadillas and tortilla soup!


Happy birthday!

Make a wish!


Red velvet!

Unicorn Pegasus Electric Box!!!

This morning, my phone started blowing up with emails, texts and calls! Apparently they were installing my unicorn pegasus on the electric box by Applebee's on East State Street! Everyone was reaching out with excitement. Here's a photo of it being installed!!

I knew that this would probably end up on an electric box some day, because my coworker Kyle submitted this artwork to the City of Athens, and his submission was chosen. The chosen submissions would be installed as electric box wraps throughout the city of Athens. We didn't know when or where this would happen, and this was like over a year ago!! I had forgotten all about it! The art is from a potluck lunch at work, where my coworkers all attempted to draw my unicorn pegasus from memory on the dry erase board. And then obviously that's MY unicorn pegasus (the perfect one) there in the middle!

It's so exciting that it was finally installed, and it looks absolutely glorious!!! I'm so excited and proud!!