Friday, August 31, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

We spent the day today preparing for the big day tomorrow. Dad brought up a truck full of trees!

The Ridges Auditorium. A clean slate! When you rent this building for an event, you get the keys to the front door and that's it. So we were in charge of setting everything up. It was a big job!

Poof factory! We all set to work making poofs!

The tall men were in charge of hanging them up.

We had a Taco John's burrito feast for lunch.

Testing out the lighting.

Setting up chairs, putting out programs.

Vana, Summer and Kayla working on the photobooth. What a project!

After a hard day's work, we headed down the hill to the Purple Chopstix for our rehearsal dinner.

The weather was great, so we got to have appetizers and drinks on the patio!

It was so nice to get to spend the evening with friends and family!

Since I'm marrying into the Miller family, the only REQUIREMENT for the rehearsal dinner menu was that Ed make his famous little baby burritos. Those Millers gotta have their burritos!

Little pita pizzas with roasted red pepper spread!


Mmm, appetizers.

Ben and Derrick.

Tom Yum! Purple Chopstix Tom Yum soup is one of our favorite foods on the planet, so it was pretty special to get to have it at our rehearsal dinner. It was SUPER hot outside, and the soup was quite spicy. Sweat was running down my back as I enjoyed my soup! It was intense.


Vegetable finger!

Sissies! Cheers!

Big bunch of brothers and their ladies!

Kate wandering down the mirror hall.

Cousin Dan and Ben!

Ed! Indoors, Ed had created a MASTERPIECE buffet.

There was tofu curry, sweet potato peanut pasta, and bolivian al gusto chicken.

And salad and rice!

Dishing up!


Summer, Sandra, Cheryl and Dae!


Uncle Tom and Aunt Carla!

Chowing down!

Cousin Dan and Uncle Phillip!

Yang and Ben!

Our last night ever of not being married. WOW!

Ben and Vana!

Vana and Yang!

Yang, Vana and Dennis.

Yang and Dennis were practicing harmonizing.

Time for champagne toasts! Whee! Pink champagne!

Everybody said the nicest things to us! I LOVE toasting.

Look at that magnificent cake!!!



Dad and Baby gave a toast!

More champagne?

Kate got caught up in the excitement of toast giving, and announced that she had a toast.

But then she got super shy!!


Whispering toasts totally counts.

The most important part is the clinking the glass, anyway. CHEERS!!!!!!

Delicious chocolate cake with raspberry filling!

I gave my bridesmaids and flower girl bracelets to thank them for being so awesome.

Look at how SPARKLY!

There was a blue moon on our wedding weekend. Pretty special!! Can't wait for tomorrow!