Sunday, February 21, 2010

Raleigh Meet

This weekend was legendary! A bunch of us internet friends got together in Raleigh for a weekend of fun! Though we've known each other for years and years, It's rare that we get to all hang out in person, so when we do it is the BEST.

The weekend was packed full of pizza, beer, games, wine, a WTF Salad Potluck, a walk in the park, Mexican food, more games, champagne, unicorn pegasus and LOTS OF FUN!!!!

Click here to check out the pictures for all the details.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cooking Club at the Taj Mahal

Summer hosted this month's cooking club, and transformed her house into the Taj Mahal!

We started with a delicious little samosa that Yumi made. Pictured here with my raita.

Suzanne also utilized the deep fryer, to make fried zucchini and fried avocado! The fried avocado was like puffy little clouds.

Yumi's samosa pictured with the three condiments that I made. Raita, mango and mint chutney, and red onion and tomato salad.

Summer's Fragrant Butterflied Shrimp.

Valerie's magnificent Indian-Spiced Stuffed Cauliflower.

Summer teling us about her chicken biryani.

Look at that biryani!

Valerie slices into the stuffed cauliflower.

It really is magnificent!

YUM! Look at all that goodness it is stuffed with!

Yay, time to feast!

Lucky us!

After dinner we played Foodie Fight. Team photos!



Mmm, dessert! Nancy made coconut butter cake with ginger ice milk.

Then we had a dance party!

Finally, we got to sample the beer that Yumi had intended to bring to Beery Christmas 2009!

Video of a pasta discussion:

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vana!

Today is Vana's birthday, and we had all been looking forward to a birthday potluck party tonight. But then we got hit with a major snow storm!!

Our power went out for a few hours, and we were afraid we'd have to cancel the party. But then the lights came back on just in time to bake a cake and the party was ON!! YAY! I made a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream frosting.

Potluck food! I put out some Peeps in the hopes that people would eat them up before they got stale.

Cheryl brought chicken salad!

Cheryl and Vana made a green salad, and I made tortellini salad.

My mom made this baked shrimp recipe from this delicious seasoning that Pat brought us back from New Orleans. The result is a delicious buttery sauce and flavorful shrimp, and you sop up the extra sauce with some good crusty bread.


Time to dish up!


Vana and Cheryl!

Mmm! Kayla made this awesome super spicy soup! Moss made some egg, hummus and mushroom on toast appetizers.

After we ate, we hung out by the fire for awhile. Emma loves it!

Cheryl demonstrated some knife fighting techniques.

Time for some birthday car bombs!

CHEERS! I didn't get the memo that the pose we were doing was a "CHEERS!" shot, so there I am in classic party pose in front of everyone else, whoops.



Now the part where we all talk about how fun and delicious that just was.


Make a wish!

Yay, cake and ice cream!

Another round?


Monday, February 01, 2010

Marshmallows and Bunny Paws

I had a major petting fest with Charlie this afternoon. LOOK at how his front paws look like little bunny paws!!


Ahhhhhhh look at all of that marshmallow fluff there on his tummy!



Big old marshmallow!! And look at that pink nose.

Pile of paws.