Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mexican Fiesta

Tonight, Gina and Justin had Ben, Vana and I over for a Mexican Fiesta!! Ben made his famous chipotle dip, and Vana made her famous black bean dip! DIPS!

Gina made us all fancy black currant margaritas with party umbrellas. So of course we had to have a photo shoot!


A sea of enchiladas.

Dinner is served!

After the delicious dinner of enchiladas, rice, beans, and salad, we played a great game of Pictionary. In other words, it was the sort of night I imagine Heaven to be like.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Justin arrived yesterday from England to visit Gina, and since he and Gina didn't get to celebrate Christmas together, they celebrated today! First they had Christmas morning together, with homemade croissants, and then had a big Christmas Dinner feast where we all got to finally meet Justin!

Gina attempting to cook the pork while getting showered with hugs from Justin:

Ben tried to steal the only leftover croissant by sticking it in his pocket. Unfortunately Gina had already promised it to Darlene. DAMN!!!

My Christmas hair!

That salad was delicious. And LOOK at the jingle bell salad scoopers!

Tossing the salad.


YUM look at all of that good food!

The rolls were AMAZING.


I take rolls VERY seriously.

Family portrait by the christmas tree! MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cooking Club

Tonight was Cooking Club at Yumi's house. Oh man, was it delicious. Summer made these little appetizers that were dates stuffed with goat cheese, and then wrapped in prosciutto. YUM!!!!!

Here they are next to the salad I brought.

Summer made these little individual bloody mary soups for everyone, and Yumi made a delicious cocktail with vodka, grapefruit juice and pomegranite liquor.

For the main course, Yumi made coq au vin! FANCY! Look at that steam rising up! Ooooh and look at that roll. mMMMMmmm!!!!!

Nancy made dessert! It was a delicious citrus layer cake.

Summer was like "Get your own!"


We ate too much.

Dog Park

Today I walked down to the dog park with Summer, Gina and Jill. Introducing, for the first time ever on, Summer's new dog FRIDAY!!:

Summer brought some delicious coffee beverages for us to drink at the park.

Gina and I!

Let the fun begin!

Simon meets Amadeus.

Look at all of those dogs!

Huh huh huhuhuh:

Dogs running!

Jill watching the dogs run.


Aw,look at Chaga in the middle.

Look at how cute THIS guy is!!

Amadeus Amadeus!

Friday got up on the ramp!

LOOOOOOOOOK at her up on the RAMP!!!!!!!


Three dogs at once!

Simon can do it too!