Sunday, September 12, 2004

Holler Fest

Holler Fest is this party out in the country, with bands and a bonfire.

Julie enjoys a bottle of wine!

There was a stage for bands.



Yumi, me and Julie.

Yumi, Adam and me.

Matt, Rabecca, Melissa and Yumi.


Julie is pointing and laughing at Yumi for wearing spike heels to a muddy bonfire. Hey, girls will be girls! And look how CUTE those heels are!

Friday, September 10, 2004


Look at how amazing our flower boxes look this year!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

New Hobby

I love three day weekends. The weekend felt like it lasted forever! Friday after work, Kathy and I found ourselves once again at Casa, with margaritas in our hands. Delicious! Then Julie met us for a drink after we ate. We were planning to go see Garden State, but then we got talking about bowling and decided to do that instead. It was tons of fun. Kathy kicked our butts.

On Saturday I went to Parkersburg with mom. We did the usual, Gabes, TJ Maxx, Olive Garden. I got an amazing J Crew black wool winter coat for $16.99. Their winter coats are over $200! Score! It was the only one in the store, too! We also went to Crafts 2000, because I have a new hobby - embroidery. It is so hard, but so fun. I want to get good at it. So far I have done a bunny and a butterfly.

When I got back to town, I met Kathy and Julie to see Garden State for real this time. It was so good!! Definitely enjoyed it. Afterward we played some Pictionary at my house. Then Kathy went home and Julie and I played Trivial Pursuit forever. It was hard! But fun!

Sunday I did a lot of reading, which was nice. Then on Monday I went over to Mom and Dad's and worked on a project all day for Dad. We had Taco John's for lunch. Ole!