Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We decided to have a fire pit on the deck this year. It was toasty!


Cheers! Fairytale of New York, our favorite holiday cocktail.

In the spirit of giving, Mer and Pete allowed Felix to tear up this stuffed squirrel. It already had a little tear in it, so they figured he could finish it off. Felix LOVES getting to destroy a stuffie.

He worked really hard on it and removed all of the stuffing guts.



I accidentally took this photo while taking photos of Felix, and I think it turned out cool!

Carving the turkey.

Felix and Lucy got to eat the giblets! Look what GOOD dogs they are.

Lucky pups!

Dinner was delicious!

Mer and I went to the basement fridge to put some leftovers away and the dogs watched us like hawks.

Time for pie! Mom and Little Kate made apple pies!

And I made pumpkin!

Yum. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Happy Sweet 16, Little Kate!

Happy Birthday to Little Kate! Her birthday was the 11th, but this was the first date we could all get together to celebrate. I made wedge salads!

And Mer made French onion soup! It was a delightful match.

Make a wish!

Sixteen candles.

I hope you have an amazing year!

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Composting Event

Athens Hocking Recycling Center held a composting event today! Mom and I went to check it out, and it was so fun! The idea was that you could come with your leftover pumpkins from Halloween, and smash them! 

There was a pulley system set up where you could raise the pumpkin all the way to the top of the composting facility, then drop it to the ground to smash. You can see that behind me. Then they had a station where you could choose your tool of destruction! They had an axe, a baseball bat, a crowbar, a sword, and more! I chose the axe!

And Mom chose the baseball bat! It was so cool to see the composting facility, and learn about their systems. They also had pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and coffee. We'll definitely go back next year!

TikTok Cooking Club

Valerie hosted us for Cooking Club this month, and the theme was "Fucking TikTok" or #foodtok. The idea was to make a recipe that you've seen on TikTok or other social media! Sadly, Nancy has a cold so she wasn't able to join us.

Yumi made a scrumptious jalapeƱo popper dip!

Summer did an egg taco recipe that was exciting to watch! First she fried some feta in a pan, and then she crack an egg in.

Then she put that on top of a tortilla with guacamole!

The egg yolk mixed with the spices to create a sauce.

It was delightful!

I made the infamous baked feta pasta. You bake a block of feta with a bunch of cherry tomatoes and olive oil.

Then you stir in freshly cooked pasta and it becomes creamy, tangy deliciousness!

Emily made this glorious baked cauliflower with tahini dressing. It was soooo good.

Valerie made a loaf of pull apart garlic bread, and Golden Girl salad.

The salad was super flavorful, and the bread had delicious pools of garlic nestled inside. YUM!

Val also made a French Apple Cake, to end the night! We had a lot of fun enjoying recipes from TikTok. I never really followed recipes on there before, but I will now!