Friday, June 29, 2012

Scary Storm

Elise was in Athens this week for a visit, so we got together for a pizza party at Mom and Dad's house! Family portrait!!

Look at all those Erlewines!

Shortly after that photo was taken, a storm rolled in FAST.

Nobody had heard that a storm was on the way. This is the very storm that would end up leaving people without power for over a week. Scary!!

Here is a little video of the storm.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congratulations, Kara and Benjamin!

Kara got married this weekend! Ben and I headed up to Clay's Park Resort in North Lawrence, Ohio to enjoy the celebration. We packed a picnic lunch to eat on the way. We stopped at a little rest area.

Mmm! Subs, chips and watermelon.

Look at the view!! This was a super nice rest area and we decided we'd definitely stop there again if we ever needed to! The view was great and it was so CLEAN!

We finally made it to the resort, just in time for the ceremony!! Oops, this was the only picture I got of Kara all weekend!! You can see her heading down the hill. She looked gorgeous.

The wedding present we brought!

The food was delicious! Pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, green beans with bacon, and pesto pasta! MMM!

And for dessert, a CUPCAKE ASSORTMENT!!!!!

The cupcakes were incredible. Here you see the irish whiskey and the peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Not pictured were carrot cake and BAKLAVA, among others. Baklava was the hit of the night, and I was lucky to get to take one home!! It was DRENCHED in honey and so, so delicious.

Time for dancing! Jenny and Kyle!

Anne and Clark!

Dancing ladies.

What are these dudes up to?

Sara, me and Anne!

More dancing!

We took a stroll over to the lake, and admired how pretty the trailer park on the opposite shore looked with its lights all aglow.

Anne was ravin'!

Somebody at another camp was letting paper lanterns fly into the sky!

They were beautiful!

We partied until dark.

Then we headed back to the campsite. We tried to make fire for a very long time, and it was HARD!

We finally got a little one going. It was great to see everyone, and congratulations to Kara and Benjamin!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Caribbean Cooking Club

Emily hosted this month's cooking club, and we went TROPICAL with a Caribbean theme. Nancy started us out with delicious piƱa coladas. Cheers!

I made grilled shrimp with a garlicky Cuban mojo dipping sauce.

Look at those beautiful flowers!

Emily made plantain tostones with mango salsa!

And some refreshing limeade.

Mmm, islandy!

Valerie made fresh lump crabmeat and salmon cakes, topped with corn salsa and smoky chipotle aioli.This combination was SO great! It had an awesome kick and was just delicious.

Yumi made a big pot of oxtail stew!

With some coconut rice and beans.

The stew was rich and delicious.

Cocktail parasols can make any drink feel more tropical. Tropical glass of wine!

Tropical beer!

It was a lovely night.

Time for some fun and games!

We played Mad Gab, the game where you have to try and quickly sound out the seemingly random words on the card, which when put together make an actual phrase. It is hysterical.

We finally revived our appetites for dessert!! Summer made a duo of ice creams. Sweet potato ice cream with toasted homemade marshmallows, and a vanilla rum with coconut.

They were FREAKING AWESOME! I probably could have eaten all six bowls!!


I leave you with some video of our game of Mad Gab.