Sunday, February 19, 2017

Comfort Food Cooking Club

Nancy hosted the February Cooking Club, and the theme was comfort food! You can't go wrong with that! Valerie made pizza. She even made her own sauce! It was delicious.

Yumi made little meatloafs!

Summer made tomato soup with rosemary, basil, and cream cheese, served with a grilled cheese that had an olive and sundried tomato tapenade and gruyere cheese.

I made Smitten Kitchen twice-baked potatoes. I used spinach for the greens, and goat cheese and white cheddar for the cheese. They were so good.

At the table.

A match made in heaven!

Gabrielle's second cooking club appearance!

Nancy made super sharp and tangy delicious macaroni and cheese.

All together now!

Oof, we took a break for awhile before dessert. Emily made rice pudding with rum-soaked raisins.

SO comforting!

And Valerie made apple turnovers! I felt very comfortable by the end of this evening, I tell you what.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Devils Kettle Bridge Walk

This afternoon, we met up with Lara, Rachid, Aya and Amina to walk along the bike path and check out the new bridge! It was amazing! So amazing, I forgot to take a picture!

Then we stopped by Devil's Kettle for a beer. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so they had a ton of free snacks! Lucky us!

Amina, Aya and Felix pretend to be gargoyles, guarding the castle.

Say "cheese!"

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Happy Birthday, Vana and Joe!

Vana and Joe both have birthdays next week, so the family gathered at Purple Chopstix to celebrate! This was my coworker Anthony's last week at work, and he made us all homemade mead as a farewell present. I brought it to the restaurant to share the wealth. This is my "MEAD!" face.

Tom Yum. Hello, old friend.

Sweet potato peanut pasta with tofu! YUM!

Cheryl made a Yin Yang birthday cake!

Vana and Joe, cutting the birthday cake like lovers do.

Cheryl hadn't made a layer cake in years but it must be like riding a bicycle because BOY was this cake delicious!! Happy birthday, Vana and Joe!