Friday, August 03, 2012

Water Fight!

Tracy and Tina had a pizza party out on their deck after work today. Remember Megan's last day of work, and how much confetti she threw at TJ? The fact that that was her last day definitely didn't mean that it would be the last time there would be confetti! I snuck some confetti from work in my purse along to the party and gave it to Megan. I know I'm supposed to be the neutral party, but I can't help a little aiding and abetting here and there.

She waited for the perfect moment, and got him good!!! He sure didn't see that coming!


Payback is a bitch, and TJ went straight for the water gun bucket.

What's that behind your back?

There was a "no water gun shooting on the deck" rule, so TJ had to be patient. Ha ha, look at the confetti all over his back!

Megan is never one to fear a good battle, so she didn't wait too long to head out into the yard. Tracy got in on the action, too!

It was a good fight. Below is the video footage.

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