Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ladies Cabin Weekend

Some of my favorite friends from college met up this weekend for a Ladies Cabin Weekend! We found a big cabin on Airbnb. Look at the master suite loft! Soooo romantic! Haha.

The showers were cool-looking, but they were terrifying. The instructions explained that there was no way to turn it colder once you were in, only hotter. So you're inside this shower chamber, and the water just keeps getting hotter and hotter! I couldn't get it to start any cooler than the default, and it got SO HOT that I had to bring a giant bowl of cold water into the shower with me in order to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

Spiral staircase!

Look at that beautiful tree! It has almost every color of the rainbow.

The deck was awesome! We want to come back in the summertime so we can spend more time out there.

We started Friday off with cheese and fruit.

The theme of the weekend was glitter drinks. Edible glitter, in all the drinks! Sparkles!


The signature drink of the weekend was an Aviation, which contains gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice. Beautiful! We kept thinking that it should be called Aviator, not Aviation, then we decided to rename it Amelia Earhart! Which, if you google, there are already similar cocktails named exactly that. So maybe we're not brilliant. But it's a great name for a great cocktail.

Game time! We played Bowl of Nouns. It's really the best game. So easy, and so much fun.

And so many laughs!


We took turns cooking. I made curry and salad for Friday night dinner.

Saturday morning, Anne made quiche and french toast with bourbon pecan syrup. OMG. We had this really great idea to stir leftover curry into the egg mixture for the quiches, so they were full of delicious red coconut curry flavor. Plus feta on top! This breakfast was amazing.

Beth was in charge of mimosas. CHEERS!

Ashley and Beth!

The Airbnb owners have a dog named Comet, who they tell you up front will want to hang out, if you're cool with that. This is him showing up at breakfast time and staring through the windows.

Look at him!! Aw.

We let him in! He's a good boy.

Hot tub!

We made a day trip into Athens! It was Kate's birthday party, and for her party there was a magic show at Arts West, with our old friend Rusty as the magician!


Cupcakes! Make a wish!

Mmm, red velvet.

The snacks selection was awesome. We had to be careful though because dinner at Casa was next on the agenda.


There was a gas fireplace that we kept having to read the instructions to light. Anne was good at it. Comet helped.

Good BOY. He made it a little easier to be away from Felix for the weekend. At least I had a belly to rub!

More sparkle drinks!

It's really challenging to capture the essence of glitter. These photos are okay, but you had to be there to really understand HOW SPARKLY.

Another night, another game of Bowl of Nouns!

On Sunday morning, Kara made hashbrown casserole!

There were a lot of fun outdoor activities to do, so Anne made sure to cram them all in before it was time to go. A slide from the deck to the yard!

A swing!

And a giant outdoor chess set. Also known as PHOTO OP!!!


Half serious, half not.


Til next time! Hopefully soon!

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