Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Gravel Rouser Grab 'n' Get

Summer and I were in charge of a checkpoint during the 2012 Gravel Rouser Grab 'n' Git. Since it's St. Patrick's Day Weekend, we headed to Jackie O's before our shift started to enjoy some Irish Car Bombs! As if we needed an excuse.

Our checkpoint was the stairs between the Richland Avenue Bridge and Electronic Vision.

Our first racers!

The weather was ominous, but it never did rain! The thorns were very intimidating.

Fearless Ron was the only racer to tackle the thorny hillside to get to us!

We were giving out buttons!

Audrey left her bike at the bottom and ran to us. Biathlete!

Incoming Tornado!

Aaron is always willing to sacrifice a few seconds of his final time in order to provide us with some wisecracks.

It was a great event! Then we went to the finish line to eat chili and no bakes.

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