Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our neighborhood decided that we would go ahead and do Trick or Treat, and each house would do their best to provide candy in a safe way. Instead of having a big bowl for kids to reach into, I made little cupcake wrappers full of treats for kids to grab and get!

Joe, Jasper and Vana were a pumpkin family!

Cheryl brought a really scary T-Rex mask!

Rarrrr!! Jasper doesn't seem too scared.

It was a lovely night for Trick or Treat.

Little Kate and her friend!

Off they go.

We had a decent stream of Trick or Treaters.

Mom and Dad joined!

Felix even wore his Happy Halloween bow. So handsome.

Mer and Lucy joined us, too!

Astronaut family!

Look at Scott in his little Batman costume! And with Michele's hat!

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