Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Summer and I decided that this particular Wednesday evening was a good night for a beer. Not just any beer. An Irish Car Bomb! So we went to Tony's and ordered some. We felt like playing darts. At first the bartender was like "Oh we don't serve those." He thought they had Red Bull in them! We explained it to him and he got them ready for us.

He gave us PLASTIC shot glasses!! We took them back to our booth but we were like "uh, these are going to float."

We plopped them in and sure enough, they floated. It was hilarious!! Hahah! We've got us a floater! So we just dumped them in and drank them up. He was definitely heavy on the Jamison's, but we weren't complaining! It was an exciting Irish Car Bomb Night for Summer because she finished hers first for the first time ever! Cheers!

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